Monday, May 18, 2009

Chain Pickerel....Esox-Niger

When I started pike adventures I was with the idea of just northern pike. Silly me, the whole esox clan deserves our respect! I want to share a little info with everyone on chain pickerel, which I have been haveing alot of fun flyfishing for. They have a very aggresive nature which makes up for the size . A big pickerel is going to be a most 5lbs.....that is a good one! The ones we have been getting into are around the 3lb rage and if you have a place that just holds pickerel a light flyrod...maybe a 6wt would be a ton of fun. I have been getting them on a 8wt and they are no slouches with lots of jumps and thrashes! I did a little research and will share a few facts of this awesome fish.... They are the only member of the esox clan that have fully scaled cheeks and gill plates. Their color ranges from green to olive green and yellow areas broken up by brown which is why they are called chain pickerel because they look like chain links. They have a creamy white under belly as well. On average I learned that pick's have a life span of 9years and they reach adulthood at 5. In spring when the water reaches the mid 40degree mark they hit the shallows for the spawn. When in the spawn they lay strings of eggs to weeds, sticks and even rocks. When the spawn is complete they leave with no atempt to protect the eat dog world I geuss or survival of the the fittest! They prefer a variety of food leeches, baitfish, crayfish, dragonfly larva, salamanders and frogs.......pretty much anything is fair game, like our pike flies!! I have to admitt I have a new found respect for pickerel and hope you get a chance to try for them. They are a awesome fish with a bad attitude,the last few we caught were very agressive with hits on our flies right by the boat. I have a pond not to far from my house that has just a population of pickerel and largemouth bass. I will be makeing a trip over that way soon and will keep you all posted on the pickerel adventure.................


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