Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day out with my POP!

Today was a special treat as my pop's came out for a early morning pike fish with me. Fond memories of going with my father when I was a little kid fishing all came back. Though my father is not a fly fisherman he says he enjoys watching wave my stick around with flies that look like christmas ornaments! The action was pretty good as it seemed we tagged pike on every other cast! No big boys but we were haveing a blast with the smaller ones. I didn't care if I caught anything just seeing my old man smile and watch the pike chase his lures up to the boat was enough for me. Colors that were working, silver, gold and perch..about the same as the other day all patterns were around 8 inches long. My dad threw mepps spinners and white and red, silver and green worked for him all had bucktails. Fished the drop off and with the sun were able to spot some cruising pike. Action slowed up and with that said and big smiles headed for home. Wonderful times.........


  1. Jealous, wish I could have been there. Nice memories. The way you described it, I felt like I was there anyway! Fish on!

  2. Sounds like a good day was had by all:) Glad the weather cooperated so you could go out.