Tuesday, June 2, 2009

me, myself and PIKE!

What can I say it was a beautiful evening and even though the pike were being snobby I did manage a few fish. I did have a bruiser on breifley which I thought I had a good hook set on but all I saw was the fish roll take my fly a quick run and that was it...spit my fly and gave me the FIN-GER!! After a few more casts and and watching the the birds and scenery I hooked up with a good pike. This time the hook set was good and got a good run and got the fish in as quickly as possible got a quick mouth shot and back into the water she goes...that made my nite and I was happy. For some reason I was getting alot of short strikes and I tried variying the speed of my fly and that seemed to work. Also alot of my best fishing was between 7:00pm and 8:00pm. Had a beautiful sunset and the lake all to myself and all right on the refuge!! It is important to take care of the places we love and respect the wildlife that lives there.