Saturday, June 6, 2009

Move over Bugs Bunny.........

I original plan was to keep a couple posts a week up but have found that with new friends and all of the fun pike stuff out in the world to report on I will post more day by day. Thanks to all who visit my site and am very thankful for all the new friends made! This post is on a material that I tie with and have not seen on any other pike fly. I credit this discovery to my good buddy Brian Price a.k.a"The Mad Creator". This is a craft store discovery that he uses on a few other patterns and when we hit the lake earlier this spring had tied some up in the "BIG" size for me. Well after seeing what looked like a friggin lake monster bust out of the water and destroy this 8 inch long black leech lookin pike fly he ties thought well we are onto some thin here! With a little tinkering in the lab I have a variation of his fly. I tell you right now and this is no shit this stuff blows bunny strips outta the water hands down. You can cast this stuff a country mile and does not feel like your throwing a wet sock-one back cast to dry and shoot no problems and the pike LIKE IT! Red and white , all black all white , olive try any color you get your hands on. If anyone has any questions just e-maol me are leave me a comment and will get right back to you. Also found that useing a cloths pin for pike flies and on this one when working with epoxy is the way to go. Many thanks Brian good stuff bro.


  1. Enjoy your songs and photos. Keep um coming........K

  2. ok so whats the magic material buddy im intriged , and by the way just clicked over onto your blog and was reading the article then ac/dc starts blasting out now this had me reaching for the mobile phone which i had the very same song as a ring tone , i rememberd shortly after not finding it that i dont in fact have a mobile anymore as my 2 yr old destroyed it thanks for making making me laugh and cheering me up on an otherwise drab day at work .......the blogs shaping up nicely buddy.

    dave (scotland)