Sunday, June 28, 2009

Snotrocket Sunday.....

The pike god shines down as it all came together today my friends. Fished at the ass crack of dawn with conditions being next to near perfect! I fished the weed line drop off and hit pay dirt as I was able to land 12 nice Pike. The biggest being 10.25lbs at 36inches long. These Irish eyes are smilin! I did have a big pike bust me off but that was my fault due to laziness of a bad leader. I am a pike fly fishing addict and there is no escape. Many thanks to Dave Smith for the crash course yesterday on fishing the drop offs, paying attention pays off! Enjoy the article and photos and tight lines to all!


  1. This time of the year you need to be fishing deep.Heavy weighted heads are needed.

  2. im glad it paid off for you tight lines and all the best dave