Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bunny Bugs.......again

Alot of ideas for these magnum bunny strips I have. I have them in a multitude of colors and my buddy Brian gave me a hunk of animal fur, not quite sure what it is but I will be cutting it up into straight strips soon. Here is the latest off the vise and will be putting it to work wednesday nite.....will post my antics later.....Enjoy friends!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Early Pike Pickin on the Fly.....

I am a magazine junkie...well fly fishing magazines anyway. I won a while back a almost complete, missing maybe a handful" Flyfisherman Magazine" collection stemming back to 1970. Let me tell you there is some reading there. Being the pike lover that I am decided to do a little research starting from 1970 straight through to 1990. I was able to find a few small articles on pike and pike flies. the pike obviously being overshadowed by trout. I learned that alot of the guys who were targeting esox were doing so by way of oversized trout streamers and from their cousin the saltwater fly. Lefty Kreh, Joe Brooks and Dan Blanton were just a few names that stuck out as far as flies go. These guys were useing the Brook's Blonde, Lefty's devciever and Blanton's flashtail whistler. A few guys were also just makeing up hunks of fluff like easy marabou streamers in all the bright colors on long shank streamer hooks. It was also very neat to see the rods and reels they were useing. 9 and 10 weight rods like us but back in the day Pfueuger medalists reels and Martin reels were the state of the art "I was given a medalist reel" and have a handful of martin reels just for collection sake and not to forget Orvis. Rods of choice were Fenwicks and Shakespeare Cortland andOrvis. It was really neat looking through and seeing a rod in 1978 from cortland graphite for uder 30$ band new!!! Lines were being put out by cortland" 444 "series and berkley line co. A man by the name of Dave Engerbretson did a nice article on pike fly fishing in canada....stateing the guides there were not to sure that their giant pike could be landed on a fly rod...well 1st cast with a 5/0 deer hair mouse to the edge of a nice weed bed changed their mind as he landed a 15lb pike! This is a topic that I have only scratched the surface on and will be doing some more homework on this subject. I thought it was real neat to see the early pike guys at their best. I have tied a few patterns up that accompanied the pike articles so everyone can see the flies used....may even throw them on the next outing!! Also included a picture of the medalist reel...not the large arbor version but you get the idea. Enjoy and tight lines fellow fluff chuckers!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Instant Winner!

Headed out this morning to put the new pattern to the test and bot did pass with flying colors! My intention was to make a bait fish pattern that I could run over top of weeds and snags. The hook style I used is a little unique "owner hook" 4/0. My 3rd cast gave up a huge bass around 4lbs..not bad but I want pike...... and a few casts later first hook up and so went the day as pike after pike ate this fly! I fished for 3 hours and worked that fly in a ton of different spots just to give it a good test run. I ended the day with a fat 331/2 inch pike and was able to get a good close up real quick of the pattern in the pike's mouth. Now that I am satisfied with the design will be tying some different colors, say chartruse, perch, white and red and so on. Posting a couple of pics so everyone can see the outcome.....tight lines!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

History Lessons.......

I love water , in fact I love the water where I live. Having a handful of places to pike fish at my reach is well.....awesome! I talked a while back about Lake Carmi which is right in my back yard one of my favorite places to fly fish at certain times of the year. But..when I want to be alone andhear nothing but the wildlife and all things related I head for Lake Champlain. I love this lake and it is close to home. Thought I would share a few facts with everyone who are not familiar with this awesome spread of water. The lake length is 120 miles long with a max depth of 400feet. The lake's greatest width is 12miles wide with more than 70 islands to explore.The lake ends up draining it's long run to the gulf of the St Lawrence in the Atlantic ocean...pretty cool stuff! Champlain's water surface area is 435 square miles and has 8,234 miles of basin area. There are a pile of wetlands to support all sorts of wildlife with 300,000 acres to thrive on. So there is no shortage of area to just get away. Even if your not into fishing there are lots of birds and pictures to be had all you need is a camera, binoculars and an adventure is started! The lake is also know for the famous lake monster "champ" which has had many sightings and eye witnesess but no actual proof yet.....maybe a decendent of the loch ness monster...who knows!! Get out enjoy your own water learn and explore...you might be surprised what you find!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Worst Predator fly Contest....

Hey everyone. Dave Lindsay and i came up with a neat idea of having the worse looking predator fly contest.... you can get all the details over on" McFluffchucker's" site at the bottom of the page, just click his icon. This is going to be fun and want to get people involved, Dave is going to announce the dead line so keep your eyes peeled. We thought this would be fun but also a way to get people into fly tying and pike fly fishing. The winner will be decided and judged by Dave , Simon and Myself and a prize of a nice box stuffed with some Umpqua pike flies so get your birds tying and get involved. If this turns out well, a monthly contest of craziness could be in order...feed back is welcome and i do have some cool stuff to donate. Have Fun and tight lines!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday's antics

Good day to be on the water. Fished in the early am till about 11:00am when things just seemed to slow up. Stuck a few pike in the drop offs and a monster bucketmouth! Pike seemed to likethe gold epoxy head flash fly in 3/0 size. Threw some of my newest ties and all produced fish. Rain is supposed to nail us this afternoon which is good as a new material shipment should be here so will be at the vise. If you get a chance drop by and congratulate Simon Graham on is contest win with the "condom Fly". Good stuff. I don't have luck winning stuff which is why I don't play the lottery.....or maybe I should now?