Tuesday, July 7, 2009

History Lessons.......

I love water , in fact I love the water where I live. Having a handful of places to pike fish at my reach is well.....awesome! I talked a while back about Lake Carmi which is right in my back yard one of my favorite places to fly fish at certain times of the year. But..when I want to be alone andhear nothing but the wildlife and all things related I head for Lake Champlain. I love this lake and it is close to home. Thought I would share a few facts with everyone who are not familiar with this awesome spread of water. The lake length is 120 miles long with a max depth of 400feet. The lake's greatest width is 12miles wide with more than 70 islands to explore.The lake ends up draining it's long run to the gulf of the St Lawrence in the Atlantic ocean...pretty cool stuff! Champlain's water surface area is 435 square miles and has 8,234 miles of basin area. There are a pile of wetlands to support all sorts of wildlife with 300,000 acres to thrive on. So there is no shortage of area to just get away. Even if your not into fishing there are lots of birds and pictures to be had all you need is a camera, binoculars and an adventure is started! The lake is also know for the famous lake monster "champ" which has had many sightings and eye witnesess but no actual proof yet.....maybe a decendent of the loch ness monster...who knows!! Get out enjoy your own water learn and explore...you might be surprised what you find!