Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Instant Winner!

Headed out this morning to put the new pattern to the test and bot did pass with flying colors! My intention was to make a bait fish pattern that I could run over top of weeds and snags. The hook style I used is a little unique "owner hook" 4/0. My 3rd cast gave up a huge bass around 4lbs..not bad but I want pike...... and a few casts later first hook up and so went the day as pike after pike ate this fly! I fished for 3 hours and worked that fly in a ton of different spots just to give it a good test run. I ended the day with a fat 331/2 inch pike and was able to get a good close up real quick of the pattern in the pike's mouth. Now that I am satisfied with the design will be tying some different colors, say chartruse, perch, white and red and so on. Posting a couple of pics so everyone can see the outcome.....tight lines!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day buddy! Hoping to get some of that luck on for me tomorrow when I am trying again to get out for the pike!