Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday's antics

Good day to be on the water. Fished in the early am till about 11:00am when things just seemed to slow up. Stuck a few pike in the drop offs and a monster bucketmouth! Pike seemed to likethe gold epoxy head flash fly in 3/0 size. Threw some of my newest ties and all produced fish. Rain is supposed to nail us this afternoon which is good as a new material shipment should be here so will be at the vise. If you get a chance drop by and congratulate Simon Graham on is contest win with the "condom Fly". Good stuff. I don't have luck winning stuff which is why I don't play the lottery.....or maybe I should now?


  1. Nice looking Snotrocket Ken. Like the tat as well.

  2. ive got something in mind to beat simons cant let him get away with that