Sunday, July 5, 2009

Worst Predator fly Contest....

Hey everyone. Dave Lindsay and i came up with a neat idea of having the worse looking predator fly contest.... you can get all the details over on" McFluffchucker's" site at the bottom of the page, just click his icon. This is going to be fun and want to get people involved, Dave is going to announce the dead line so keep your eyes peeled. We thought this would be fun but also a way to get people into fly tying and pike fly fishing. The winner will be decided and judged by Dave , Simon and Myself and a prize of a nice box stuffed with some Umpqua pike flies so get your birds tying and get involved. If this turns out well, a monthly contest of craziness could be in order...feed back is welcome and i do have some cool stuff to donate. Have Fun and tight lines!

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