Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Ode to the SUB BUG".....

Went out on an early morning pike adventure this morning and was quite unsure how the pikepickin would be. When we arrived to the lake , rain was just starting to peeter off and there was a bit of chop on the water as we had a pretty good north wind. Fished on the outskirts of the weed line to where we thought the bait would be pushed in. Started out slow changed up a pattern and then decided to put on Dave's "SUB BUG" in red and white. What a hell of a pattern this ! If this fly does not look like a wounded baitfish then I don't know what does. I believe my 4th cast and Bam! pike on. I guess the side to side and dive action was just too much. Any way to make a short story, we fished different patterns bunny bugs and perch patterns. Brian had good luck with one of my 7inch long white ,yellow and green slink-n-flash patterns but for me the sub bug was the ticket! I talked with Dave about tying techniques and then made it off to the vise for a go. Dave Lindsay has a site Pike and Predator flies with a great step by step on sub bugs .....visit, tie and hang on. I will be filling a box of these bad boys. Credit to Dave Lindsay for a killer pattern bro!

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  1. nice job on the bug bro you nailed it speak to you later for a progress report