Monday, August 17, 2009

Orvis..Pike and Musky Hooks.....

One of my favorite materials to work with is a good hook. Lets face it your going to build a pike fly that is going to take a beating better put it together on a good hook right? So far my favorite for big patterns like bunny bugs and big baitfish patterns is the orvis pike and musky hook. I use the 4/0-6/0 sizes and think they are great! They come in black finish, chemically sharpened so these hooks are SHARP! They are wide gaped round bend 3xlong straight eye hooks. If you get a chance to try these hooks I don't think you will be let down, and I know everyone of us pike tiers has their own favorites. I do have some other hooks I prefer as well but when it comes to the big boy stuff these are the ticket..enjoy and tight lines. If you have a hook that is your favorite feel free to share I would love to hear about it.


  1. Never used them Ken. Think you could down size on the length of the shank maybe 10mm.As you can see on that fantastic fly I might add, that the front 10mm is actually wasted and just extra can still tie the same fly with the same amount of materials on a shorter shanked hook. That's only my opinion mate so don't take it the wrong way.

  2. No problem at all Si....your opinion is always welcome here dude! I tried a few baitfish patterns on the 4/0 long shanks due to some miss strikes. I thought maybe with a tad bit longer hook I might be able to get a better hook up rate.

  3. Have never used 4/0.Its either 6/0 or 8/0 or the highway for me. bigger gape more hook ups. not sure the longer shaft helps....I could be mistaken though.