Friday, August 21, 2009

SCHLAPPEN Pike Picker....

Was at the local shop the other day and was pickin through the discount bin and came across tons of schlappen feathers! I thought I hit the lottery! They were on discount and for dirt cheap! I picked up 6 packages of all the good colors like grizzley, red, yellow, orange and black. I had recently seen some flies that Simon Graham had done over on his blogg and was really impressed with them. I figured I needed to do some and so be it , found these great feathers what timing! Now the pattern I tied, I put a little bit of my own twist to it with out straying too far from the simple fly itself. I will be hitting the pike lake this weekend and will be tossin out a few of these. So if you want a fly that has length and great action and does not soak up half of the the water in the lake or pond, give these old patterns a try! Enjoy and tight lines. Also be sure to drop by and poke around drop Ulf a line and say HI. Just scroll down my link list and click on won't be let down!

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  1. the dogs bollocks those mate loving them dont drop any hot coals on them though