Monday, August 10, 2009

Weather or not.......

Well to start off would like to thank my buddy Dave over at a matter of life and fluffchucking for helping me sort out all the nonsense crap I had going on with my blogg. It was a big help like I said....Pals.......! Had an interesting but sort pike trip tonite. I fish the evening and hooked up with 3 pike and one nice trailer right to the boat. Perch patterns in the 6-8inch range started me off on the right path! Then came the shitty weather. Dave was kind enough to add in the Champlain weather map for me. Now if you visit this blogg and are going to venture out on the lake use this link! I always check to see what the wind is doing and the forecast sunrise ect... I was ready for the storm and new when I needed shit and git. Don't take any chances with bad weather, we all have families and people that care about us. I don't mess with the thunder and lightning which we got both of tonite and still have as I write this. Play it safe and live to pike fish another day.....cheers

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  1. pleasure ken , sure weather you dont mess with full stop , i put the webcam up as well tells me the time there which is handy saw a couple of guys fishing of the jetty yesterday