Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall Time...........

A few of the pike patterns I have been tossin as of late. I have been throwing Dave's sub bugs as well. Fall is just around the corner and the crisp cool air is upon us. Mornings have been cool and have been workin my ass off so will be out this weekend! The baitfish patterns are 6-8inches long on 3/0-6/0 hooks. The bunny bugs are 8-9 inches long and are on 5/0-6/0 orvis pike and musky hooks. Get out there toss some fluff and hang on it's just gettin better!


  1. Hey mate - what kinda hook is it on the left and third down? I think it's the same as used one some of the others as well, but what brand and model ?

  2. Hey is an owner hook 6/0 twist lock for my weed runner pike is a killer. If you need tying instructions just let me know.