Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Pike.....

Ahh what an evening out! Pike were very active! I had 3hrs of good pike pickin. Top pattern of the nite was the articulated sub bugs in red and purple. I also fished bunny bugs and" witch doctors" as well. I all I landed 9 pike some small guys and some big. Biggest in the 9lb range I guess. At one point in time I had a pike miss the sub bug and leap out of the air and smacked right into the side of the my boat. Would have to say that is a first for me! Pike on the fly is getting good as the pike are starting to fatten up for fall. Get out and throw some fluff...if you know some one who pike fishes or if you want to go but never tried it do it it is the BEST!


  1. Nice Ken...your wig hair streamer tutorial is on 700 teeth.did it for you yesterday mate.

  2. Thank you Si....will be doing a few of those mate....cheers!