Sunday, September 27, 2009

My cats bring me materials.....

I have 2 cats. Shelby and Widget. They are down right animal killers. Mice, moles, birds and my favorite chipmunks and squirrels. When they don't eat it all they usually bring it for me at the front door half alive. Feck pretty sweet I say nice tail on that one kitty thanks! Trying to get them to attack the neighbors peacock farm and bring me back one of those. My dog meeko.....well he likes the chickens. I save money there too, just hope I don't get a pissed neighbor. To date Meeko is on probation for his 6th kill. Enjoy the post and tight lines......I also enjoy roadkill finds!

"Kitty Carnage"


  1. You and your cats are a Chicken Farmers worst nightmare.

  2. I am having visions of my old cat Fluffy who would catch flying squirrels and leave them on the porch for mom to find-