Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tools of the Trade..........

Spinning deer hair some like it some hate it. I hated it at first till I forced myself to get it right I guess. I am a self taught spinner. I read researched and for a few years I just plain sucked at it. I would like to think I have gotten better. Here are a few thing I use to help ease the process. A good sharp pair of hair snippers...I only use these for deer hair and that is it. A hair stacker I love the large version for big bad clumps of hair. A comb for brushing out the fuzzy shit from the hide. Double edge razor blades for clean cuts and very bendable to get the sweet curved shape for your pike patterns. And last but not least the hair packer. Now I have a few hair packers and all seemed to piss me off so I decided to make my own real cheap but very effective! I took a rubber cork bottle topper and used a drill bit, twisted half the length of the cork. Ream the hole out a few times and presto the best packer on the planet.....well it is for me but you can decide that for yourself. If you like spinning deer hair then hats off to you if you do not keep trying I did and really enjoy it now. I am tying articulated sub bugs and divers for the new site I have with Dave Lindsay. if you have some tying tips to share would love to hear about it! Tight lines and get out and chuck some fluff......Friday nite pike hear I come!

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