Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jumper Cables.......

This is a familar site in the Capsey household. My wonderful fiance bought me this giant coffee cup and when the weekend comes I get to the vise and my cup o joe comes with me! Don't get me wrong she loves coffee too just keep clear if she hasn't had any yet....."see photo below". Anyway I LOVE coffee, dark beers in the afternoon and tying pike flies oh and duhhh flyfishing for pike.....enjoy the post I will pay for it later from Naomi I am sure....hehehehe.

In the "cave" at the vise......

Naomi...minus coffee+early morning and a camera in her face=dead pikepicker....


  1. Ken
    Got to have my coffee too.

    I found this cool video I think you'll like.
    It's on my blog, Sep 15, post titled Way too cool video.

  2. ha ha ha classic ken you not going to be popular