Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday Fluffin..........

Had a enjoyable day on the lake today with my fiance. She came with me as the photographer which was real nice for a change. Did manage to hook one pike but lost it shortly after. Water temps were in the high 50's and little to no wind and plenty of sun. Got to try out a few new patterns and have to say I really like the E.P streamer brush material. Hit up the craft store today and got some real good pike materials. Also picked up a sweet dremel tool for making cork bugs( on discount!). also some real good craft fur that does not stretch to all hell when you cut it into zonker strips. Has a coating on the back to hold the thread fibers together. Will post to end results and photos this week of some new patterns I got locked upstairs....till then enjoy and tight lines!

Chuckin Fluff.................

Carmi with beautiful fall backdrop!

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  1. nice pictures ken look forward o seeing the new fluff bro