Thursday, October 29, 2009

self tuaght spinner......

Not everyone has a knack for spinning deer hair. Some hate it, some don't want to or some just don't know how. Now I have been friends with Dave Lindsay a.k.a "McFluffchucker" for a while and he is a a top notch bro! As well as being a funny ass Scottish guy top notch joke teller and a quite awesome heavy metal background he is a hell of a pike tier and angler. Baitfish, deerhair patterns, foam, big hooks he is all familiar with. And ideas, well lets just say his brain is always on o.t with new ideas. One thing I have learned from Dave...if he likes a pattern he will tie give you credit when he does it and will put a bit of his twist to in point frog legs! I am not sucking up as everyone might think but lets say give credit to a good friend. Here are some of McFluff's work.......

Now Dave is a self taught deer hair spinner, really good too. Can blend colors and trim to the neatest speck! I think Dave Whitlock or Chris Helm would be very impressed......Sub Bug to the neatest one of my favs!

So to Dave..thanks bro....and the many laughs, ideas ans constant picking, keep it up and I will keep telling my lame ass jokes....HA

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  1. Nice very nice! Here, here to the wise ass Scotsman!! :) Roundhead!!