Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Winter Project.............

Have been talking with Ron over at "Hook and Hackle" about a pike rod build for the winter down time. After scrolling through I think I am going to try a Loomis Gl3 blank. All are 2 piece, have a sweet mohogany finish and my action. All Gl3 blanks come with a free component kit-a 45$ value and all 7wt rods and up come with fighting butts and oversized guides and tip top. If you are interested in buying or building a custom pike rod look into You can
find great deals on all sorts of stuff and ask for Ron a real good guy to deal with! Rod blank for the Gl3 10 wt 136.00-u.s dollars+ shipping fee. Give it a thought I have built a couple of rods and plan to make this a special rod. 1st 2 built were ok and now with some help may have the hang of it. Tight Lines!

Gl3 blank with the component kit