Monday, November 30, 2009

Owner Hooks

I am starting to really take a liking to Owner hooks for my pike flies. I started using Owner when I started tying "weed runner" pike flies. those are a style that rides hook point up that was an instant hit the first time out! The hooks I am playing with right now are ideal for Dave Lindsay's "sub bugs". Visit our "Subbuggin" site if you have not yet as Dave and I run it together and is a place for all deer hair pike flies. owner model no-5131-144 is a fantastic hook in my book. The funny thing is that these hooks I found on a whim at the local fly shop...scratched my head and said what the hell..give them a go. Well I am glad I did as these hooks have a wide ring eye, are chemically sharpened , have a wide gap and are lazer cut with 3 micro cutting edges for an ultimate hook set. These are used by hardware throwers for trailers on their spinnerbaits. I have tied baitfish patterns on these and sub bugs and am quite pleased, my fiance picked up 4 more packs for me over the weekend. If you can get your hands on them try them let me know what you think of them. I have sent Dave some pics and he seems to be quite impressed with the looks of the hooks. Sub bug in picture tied on the owner hook....enjoy!

Recycle ............

I can proudly admit I am a 1st rate pack rat. I am always keeping an eye out for something that can be used for tying pike flies or help the process. I even have my fiance now keeping things at random for just to see if they can be used in some sort of way. All of my old pike material bags when used up are saved they make good storage for pike flies, and if some one is looking to try pike on the fly I throw an assortment together in a bag and help them out. Styrafoam from packages makes great work of holding pike flies while you are tying. the picture here was from a candle order Naomi received in the mail...jackpot I say cause lets face it that shit just anit no good for the environment and I know of some guys who like to make bass bugs outta that stuff as well. Foam blocks are also a good find they are as bad for the environment as the other shit but are a great way the store flies. I also keep my old shock tippet spools to hold pre-made pike leaders. don't get me wrong i am not on a preaching rant to make everyone save shit. I am just throwing out a few nifty little tricks that help me out on the bench and keep that crap outta the local landfill...we only got one earth I say I'd like to be able to enjoy it without all the litter.....tight lines!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tie it up......................

If your like me, you would rather have your finger nails pulled off with a pair of needle nose pliers than put on a friggin tie. well this can make it some what bearable. offers a wide range of pike ties for the non gentleman in all of us. They have different pike prints so you can find one that will tickle your fancy. so when the boss says company function is shirt and tie or the little lady says, dress up your taking me out to dinner you can have a sharp ass pike tie to throw on......little plash of cheap smelly stuff and wine in a box and your a rock star!!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reflecting back.........

This past year was a blast for sure! Between the different spots I fly fished for pike and the stunning takes, patterns smashed, stunning sunsets and just plain love for chasing pike around I learned alot. Different patterns used , styles of retrieves, speed up slow down and one thing that surprised me the most was how the last few inches of leader right before the boat don't stop the retrieve, boom a pike would take on the last few strips. I also found that through early May right through to the last of June that pickerel were very active then once July hit they were no where to be found. Retreat to way deeper water...which is why 2010 I will not miss out on full sink tip lines...and the use of the gps!! I have patterns in the works and plans to stock pile pike patterns this winter. Looking forward to ice out already and it aint even froze yet. The begining of April is when I start to get real excited ice is out and it's the start of a new pike prowl! Bottom pic is of Carmi at the end of my road...which is about a 5minute drive to plop the boat in. Lake Champlain takes me about 15-20min not bad at all for an evening pike fish when I can fish till 9:00pm! Hope you all have some plans laid out for your pike adventures for 2010 it going to be a blast for sure.....grilled food,beers,good laughs, more beer..more food Dave you know where this is going.....4am coffee and greasy breakfast sandwiches ohhh yeah good times!

Friday, November 27, 2009

On the go..............

Here's a great gift for the pike rover on the go! Never have to worry about how many brews are left...fella their right on your waist. Your running from here to there chasing pike on foot your gonna work up a thirst for sure. I wish I had thought of this nifty little gizzmo I'd probably be sittin on a fat million dollars right now........NOT. tight lines!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Real quick just wanted to throw out a pic of my flyfishing magazine stash. This ranges all the way back to 1970. Alot has changed in flyfishing since then. Talk about some reading material when you to drop the kids of to the pool.........Dave your going to stay in the man cave.....try to contain yourself when you come over...hehehehe!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fresh from the vise.....

Been tinkering with the e.p. fibers again. Trying to match up some shad roach patterns. I used 45lb wire for the extension and 4/0 gamugatsu saltwater hook. Ties quite nicely and am looking forward to try them out. tight Lines....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crown Vise...

Picked up a back up vise for a good price. Crown rotating vise from amazon .com for 39.99dollars.Clamp vise rotary style and looks like a regal. Should be a good vise will be in today. I have a renzetti 2200 and love it but saw this and could not pass it up.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bucktail pike streamers"jointed"

Have been messin around with bucktails alot. I love working with it just is not long enough for super big pike streamers. Well if your doing clouser's and deceivers then great it's perfect but I want some serious action. To tell ya what alot of guys that I have seen chasing muskies, well they got an assortment of bucktail streamers and they swear by them! The patterns I am working on will be going with me to see Dave, but this spring i will have an arsenal of these guys to toss at pike! basic design is pretty simple the only thing I do to compensate for more body volume is to add berkley 30lb wire and big round beads to match body color. Now I have a articulated bucktail pike streamer that comes in around 6-7inches in length. Very light durable zap a gap your steps hard as nails for the head and it is damn near bullet proof.....tight lines!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's crosssed my mind.......

Funny had a chat with McFluffchucker on this subject. Being that we have 2 cats in the household should have plenty of sport. I know some good hangouts and drop off where cats like to live...hmmmmm brake out the 6ft 2wt......bushy hookless pattern....hmmmm Maybe too much time on my hands you say, well life's too short laugh it up I say!........keep ya posted!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

In memory of.....

I just learned of the passing of William Tapply. I am sad to hear it. I loved reading his writings and is no non sense approach to tying and fishing bass bugs. He inspires you to get a patch of hair and spin some Tap's bugs after reading his bass bug fishing book. He wrote mystery fiction novels as well. If you get a chance find his work and read. If you want to make bass bugs out of deer hair read and take it is good stuff! Tight lines.......


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

on paper...........

I have been able to start messin around with the sketch pad and pencil again. Being laid up gives you that good opportunity. This is an up close shot of a pike i caught earlier this year"Up Close and Personal". I like to take pics and break them down and sketch the little details and such. I just finished a piece for McFluffchucker and was quite pleased with it.I will share and post a piece of art work a week as so everyone can see what I have been drawing. You may like it, you may not but it is art and it is about ones own personal reflections. I like to sketch and being able to put my thoughts and views is great! Enjoy tight lines and to all who are out chucking fluff I envy you to the fullest!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's yours????

Interested in knowing what gets all of us energized about pike on the fly. Maybe it is a well stocked box of patterns, a cool crisp morning, pike in the spring or maybe it is sharing the boat or a back bay wading with a buddy. For me it is just about all of the above plus some. Some things you can put into words and some you can not. I love a early morning coffee and a cold brew in the afternoon with the smell of pike on my hands and chewed flies. I like setting at the vise in the winter and stocking patterns for spring. I love to reflect back on learned experiences and tactics. Please feel free to share all thought and feeling I think this will be a good topic to reflect on....thanks and tight lines!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Time is on my side"...Mick Jagger

For some odd reason I find myself up and sleeping at at all these odd feet feel like someone is takeing a screw gun to them...well could be worse I geuss. Any being laid up has really put me with some great down time. I have been scetching again.." Dave your sick ass pic is mom wants to keep it?????"...HA! I have plans to go through my pike boxes, organize, clean pike lines and inventory. I can't make it up to the lab yet but right now being at my parents it is good to be able to hobble straight to the computor. I have made a list of things I want to do for 2010. Gps and pin point all top spots on Carmi for Dave's visit. A buddy is giving me a new fish finder for the boat...sweet! I want to build a pike rod with all the trimmings as well. I also had a great idea of building my own hair stackers and custom bodkins...that will have to wait cause I can't get to the hardware store...I think the bodkin would be sweet with deer antler handle...hmmmmm. I also plan to float my local river this year more for fantastic small mouth bass fishing on the fly, prepare for Scotland in July and such. Looking forward to that! Any way this helps and keeps me from loosing the plot or have I already???? No need to let my alter ego "Justin Casey" run loose.........tight lines!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Laid back....

Well blogging will be very sporatic due to both my feet being cut up and stitched. Thank you to all who follow and all the kind words from every one....will be doing a lot of reading ans hopefully pike flies if not I think loose the friggin plot!!!!! Anyway tight lines to all and happy trails....vicotin is kickin in!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Trolling the net for ideas on different pike patterns I came across these. I know these are lures, but given these are used for pike and musky you can see how a predator tier can make these color schemes to fit their needs. I have a lot of pink and blues and do not tie enough with them. I do believe that sometimes a pike is looking for a certain color or throw them a color maybe they have not seen in a while.I can see how I can use these colors with e.p fibers and slink-n-flash or what ever else your brain may come up with. "Dave you see the orange and black you will know what I am talking about" a previous conversation. Anyway this can help when you want to mesh colors and your sitting in the lab with a blank look on your face...tight lines and enjoy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here is a quick and easy way to attach a hand shake loop to loop connection without tying a knot. This way works well for me but may not be your cup of tea. I have had not one single problem with this what so ever. I use on largemouth bass and when decide to good deep into lilies and brush piles the smoothness of a no knot connection allows for no crap dragged back with the fish on the line and no snag ups. One instance I had this was a real hot morning in July and the bass were back in the thick shit and plopping a deer hair bug while push poling through this stuff was the ticket. One back cast and plop! So in other words not having alot of knots made picking up for the next cast a snap. I believe I found this in an article a few years back. The same idea can be used to make a homemade loop in your fly line as well.See pics for the step by step you will need your vise, rod thread or danville+++, zap a gap, scissors. I use 80lb climax shock tippet for my pike fishing 5ft leader with a heavy duty snap swivel. Tight lines!!

The goods......

The finished get the idea pretty simple but effective for me....remember to super glue each step to make it bullet proof!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

got wood?

Found this really cool web site that does fish carvings out of wood. They go for around 100 u.s dollars. really neat to see that some people have awesome talent! Here is the link and enjoy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last Day out till next year.......

Today is my official last day for pike on the fly as I go for foot work Thursday. I fished Carmi and did not care if I caught a pike I was glad to be out but 1 would have been nice. No hook ups but did manage to hook a small moth bass and loose it at the boat and did spot one of the biggest perch i had ever seen! No wind and temps were in the upper 40 degree mark. I tossed a bunch of different stuff, flash patterns, deceivers, perch patterns and an all synthetic pattern that resembles a bunny bug. "see photo". I used the christmas material I blogged about earlier and e.p fibers....sheds water like a bastard and is half the friggin weight!!! Good deal, so will be tying up a few of those for spring. Remember send your tying photos and will get them up on the blogg as i will need something to do for 10 weeks! All predator patterns. By the time my feet heal there should be some snow on the ground and will be dying to do some snowboarding....tight lines everyone and Cheers I got some dark beers that need tending to.....

E.P Fuggly Bug.............

Friday, November 6, 2009

Knot tool...for Knot Heads.....

Here is a nifty little tool from saltwater for tying nail knots in a snap this is the tool to have! this is the saltwater version for 8.95 u.s dollars. They also have the universal tier for 7.95 u.s dollars. Knots...every fisherman needs to know the basics and if your like me and really suck at knots then this is for you. The saltwater version ties knots in the heavy leader class up to 100lb test. I fish with 80lb and will be picking up one of these bad boys...enjoy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Join In........

November contest over at my buddy Dave's site " A Matter of Life Death and Fluffchucking". Join in take a run over to the site have a look get some photos and have some fun. We have some cool stuff to give so it's worth a go! Love to also see some pike patterns from around the world. I am a pike junkie live, breath, eat all things pike related.You can send me your photos at Lets see what you got and will post em up on my blogg with tier's name and such. Getting really cold here now and am hoping to get one more pike outing before foot surgery next thursday!....Tight lines!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pretty neat..... Found this cool fiberglass statue on the sportsman's guide page if anyone is interested. Pure northern pike baby! Have a look around they have a lot of cool outdoor items as well...enjoy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Polarized sunglasses , many advantages and helps keep your eyes from hurting, headache, fatigue and so on. I have many pairs and really like the oakley brand myself. Have another pair of Boll'e that I really like. One word of advice croakies. I have lost many a good pair of shades when they have slipped off my hat wading. In my boat I tend not to use them but I should. Would love to hear every ones comments and thoughts. What brand do you like and so on. Tight lines all!