Monday, November 23, 2009

Bucktail pike streamers"jointed"

Have been messin around with bucktails alot. I love working with it just is not long enough for super big pike streamers. Well if your doing clouser's and deceivers then great it's perfect but I want some serious action. To tell ya what alot of guys that I have seen chasing muskies, well they got an assortment of bucktail streamers and they swear by them! The patterns I am working on will be going with me to see Dave, but this spring i will have an arsenal of these guys to toss at pike! basic design is pretty simple the only thing I do to compensate for more body volume is to add berkley 30lb wire and big round beads to match body color. Now I have a articulated bucktail pike streamer that comes in around 6-7inches in length. Very light durable zap a gap your steps hard as nails for the head and it is damn near bullet proof.....tight lines!


  1. hey ken interesting post i have made giant buctail streamers for muskie anglers in canada before , ill to a tutorial next week soon youll be tying 8 and 9 and even 12 inch bucktail stearmers

  2. I gave up on the deer tail it was too ripe!