Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last Day out till next year.......

Today is my official last day for pike on the fly as I go for foot work Thursday. I fished Carmi and did not care if I caught a pike I was glad to be out but 1 would have been nice. No hook ups but did manage to hook a small moth bass and loose it at the boat and did spot one of the biggest perch i had ever seen! No wind and temps were in the upper 40 degree mark. I tossed a bunch of different stuff, flash patterns, deceivers, perch patterns and an all synthetic pattern that resembles a bunny bug. "see photo". I used the christmas material I blogged about earlier and e.p fibers....sheds water like a bastard and is half the friggin weight!!! Good deal, so will be tying up a few of those for spring. Remember send your tying photos and will get them up on the blogg as i will need something to do for 10 weeks! All predator patterns. By the time my feet heal there should be some snow on the ground and will be dying to do some snowboarding....tight lines everyone and Cheers I got some dark beers that need tending to.....

E.P Fuggly Bug.............

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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    keep us posted.

    Hit Shelburne Bay today on Lake Champlain. Had to drag steel as flies wouldn't fire. Boated 5 or 6 salmon and one Lake Trout. Fishing with "marknfish" on his boat. Nice day on the water.

    Wishing you well.