Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here is a quick and easy way to attach a hand shake loop to loop connection without tying a knot. This way works well for me but may not be your cup of tea. I have had not one single problem with this what so ever. I use on largemouth bass and when decide to good deep into lilies and brush piles the smoothness of a no knot connection allows for no crap dragged back with the fish on the line and no snag ups. One instance I had this was a real hot morning in July and the bass were back in the thick shit and plopping a deer hair bug while push poling through this stuff was the ticket. One back cast and plop! So in other words not having alot of knots made picking up for the next cast a snap. I believe I found this in an article a few years back. The same idea can be used to make a homemade loop in your fly line as well.See pics for the step by step you will need your vise, rod thread or danville+++, zap a gap, scissors. I use 80lb climax shock tippet for my pike fishing 5ft leader with a heavy duty snap swivel. Tight lines!!

The goods......

The finished product.....you get the idea pretty simple but effective for me....remember to super glue each step to make it bullet proof!


  1. Use this method myself Ken,especially since I've become a mono leader convert.I tie mine with strong mono,super glue and then slide a short piece of heat shrink tubing over the whole thing......works a treat.Great tutorial mate.

  2. I think while you are laid up- you'll have fun keeping up your blog page:)