Thursday, November 12, 2009


Trolling the net for ideas on different pike patterns I came across these. I know these are lures, but given these are used for pike and musky you can see how a predator tier can make these color schemes to fit their needs. I have a lot of pink and blues and do not tie enough with them. I do believe that sometimes a pike is looking for a certain color or throw them a color maybe they have not seen in a while.I can see how I can use these colors with e.p fibers and slink-n-flash or what ever else your brain may come up with. "Dave you see the orange and black you will know what I am talking about" a previous conversation. Anyway this can help when you want to mesh colors and your sitting in the lab with a blank look on your face...tight lines and enjoy!

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  1. great post ken sometimes thinking out he box does wonders