Monday, November 30, 2009

Recycle ............

I can proudly admit I am a 1st rate pack rat. I am always keeping an eye out for something that can be used for tying pike flies or help the process. I even have my fiance now keeping things at random for just to see if they can be used in some sort of way. All of my old pike material bags when used up are saved they make good storage for pike flies, and if some one is looking to try pike on the fly I throw an assortment together in a bag and help them out. Styrafoam from packages makes great work of holding pike flies while you are tying. the picture here was from a candle order Naomi received in the mail...jackpot I say cause lets face it that shit just anit no good for the environment and I know of some guys who like to make bass bugs outta that stuff as well. Foam blocks are also a good find they are as bad for the environment as the other shit but are a great way the store flies. I also keep my old shock tippet spools to hold pre-made pike leaders. don't get me wrong i am not on a preaching rant to make everyone save shit. I am just throwing out a few nifty little tricks that help me out on the bench and keep that crap outta the local landfill...we only got one earth I say I'd like to be able to enjoy it without all the litter.....tight lines!

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