Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reflecting back.........

This past year was a blast for sure! Between the different spots I fly fished for pike and the stunning takes, patterns smashed, stunning sunsets and just plain love for chasing pike around I learned alot. Different patterns used , styles of retrieves, speed up slow down and one thing that surprised me the most was how the last few inches of leader right before the boat don't stop the retrieve, boom a pike would take on the last few strips. I also found that through early May right through to the last of June that pickerel were very active then once July hit they were no where to be found. Retreat to way deeper water...which is why 2010 I will not miss out on full sink tip lines...and the use of the gps!! I have patterns in the works and plans to stock pile pike patterns this winter. Looking forward to ice out already and it aint even froze yet. The begining of April is when I start to get real excited ice is out and it's the start of a new pike prowl! Bottom pic is of Carmi at the end of my road...which is about a 5minute drive to plop the boat in. Lake Champlain takes me about 15-20min not bad at all for an evening pike fish when I can fish till 9:00pm! Hope you all have some plans laid out for your pike adventures for 2010 it going to be a blast for sure.....grilled food,beers,good laughs, more beer..more food Dave you know where this is going.....4am coffee and greasy breakfast sandwiches ohhh yeah good times!

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