Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Time is on my side"...Mick Jagger

For some odd reason I find myself up and sleeping at at all these odd feet feel like someone is takeing a screw gun to them...well could be worse I geuss. Any being laid up has really put me with some great down time. I have been scetching again.." Dave your sick ass pic is mom wants to keep it?????"...HA! I have plans to go through my pike boxes, organize, clean pike lines and inventory. I can't make it up to the lab yet but right now being at my parents it is good to be able to hobble straight to the computor. I have made a list of things I want to do for 2010. Gps and pin point all top spots on Carmi for Dave's visit. A buddy is giving me a new fish finder for the boat...sweet! I want to build a pike rod with all the trimmings as well. I also had a great idea of building my own hair stackers and custom bodkins...that will have to wait cause I can't get to the hardware store...I think the bodkin would be sweet with deer antler handle...hmmmmm. I also plan to float my local river this year more for fantastic small mouth bass fishing on the fly, prepare for Scotland in July and such. Looking forward to that! Any way this helps and keeps me from loosing the plot or have I already???? No need to let my alter ego "Justin Casey" run loose.........tight lines!

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