Thursday, December 31, 2009

wood carved pike....
Without a doubt the most beautiful carving I have seen yet. Take a peek over at the Klinger's site. Stunning work indeed. Tight lines !!!

Ross Reels
These are cracking reels. I have the CLA model large arbor and love it. I also have the flycast model for the price is a great back up reel. It is also a large arbor with 8wt pike line which I use on pickerel largemouths and small pike. Have a look at the Ross site lots of great goodies to drool over...Enjoy!

The rules....and they just keep coming!

• As in most dairy states, Vermont does what it can to discourage the use of margarine. For example, it's illegal to use colored margarine in restaurants unless the menu indicates you do--in letters two inches high. Colored margarine can only be served in triangle shaped patties.
• At one time it was illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole.
• Barre All residents shall bathe every Saturday night.
• Call a Vermont court a "kangaroo court" or some similar moniker, and you might be looking at a $200 fine. It is illegal to defame a court.
• In Vermont It's against the law (not to mention impossible) to whistle under water.
• In Vermont it is illegal to paint landscapes in times of war.
• In Vermont, women must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth.
• It is illegal to deny the existence of God
• It's against the law in Vermont for vagrants to procure food by force. Apparently if you have a good job and stable home life, it's O.K. to procure food by force.
• Lawmakers made it obligatory for everybody to take at least one bath each week- - on Saturday night.

" I love Vermont but man these are some real dumbass any from your state or country would love to hear about it!" Enjoy and Tight lines!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spring Gear

When spring hits and your out chasing pike on the fly some days can be pretty chilly. A good wading jacket is great for the real shitty weather and wind. When it is cool but too hot for a jacket I like insulated flannel. Yep sporting a good ole bad ass flannel says you mean business mister. I have a few and here is a link to a good site for all things outdoors and for your next pike on the fly trip, good prices too.
Tight Lines !!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Being selective is good!

This is a great video on selecting bucktails. Be selective remember your spending your hard earned cash you don't want crap. I like to open the bucktails in the store and make sure I get the longest straightest hairs. Check with the shop owner 1st to make sure they are ok with it. Just looking through the package is a gamble at best. I'm not an expert by any means but this has saved some frustration at the bench. Enjoy this is a good flick!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

T's with ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Designing a new line of T-'s for the site Dave and I manage. "Fly Flinger's". It is a facebook based group and growing fast. There you can post any and all patterns you like most are predator patterns but don't be scared! I have a couple of sample t-shirts coming for Dave and I to put through the ringer with a metal attitude. Keep your eyes peeled for some more crazy art work on shirts a stuff. I have more ideas in the works. If all goes well would like to be able to have a few to sell. Cheers and tight lines!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Missisqoui Muddler.....

In honor of my beloved river and favorite bay to pike fish. This is 6.5inhes of snotty snack. If you can tie muddler heads and such you can tie this. Tied Don Gapen style though you can't see it. I will be modifying this a tad, on bigger hooks as this is on a short shank owner 4/0....keep your eyes peeled for the progress!

More Ink....

More Pike ink if your into tattoos as I am. Sweet looking I say very nice work indeed! Tight lines fluffchuckers!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Tie In....

Welcome to another day of Tuesday madness with Dave Lindsay and I. Today's tie were not on a specific pattern but a specific material, mylar tubing and stretch tubing. I f you have not had a chance to whip pike and predator flies with this stuff then your missin out! I picked up my tubing at the local shop for 1.50 a yard! My patterns to tie were well big pike patterns 6inches of yummy snack I tell ya! I kinda stuck to the deceiver style but with a pikepicker twist. 4/0 orvis pike and musky hooks...which I love to tie on. Some bucktail and some flash, I also coated the mylar body 3 times with hard as nails, I feel this added step will help keep pike from shredding it up and last a little longer. I have some further plans for more mylar patterns for pike , pickerel and muskies I just got to get the latest patterns and materials jotted down in my book before I forget. Dave and I really enjoy this as we just talk over in brief what the plan is then meet up later for the results, untapped and unfiltered flies freshly brewed just for you with no after taste.....ahhhhhhhhh Tight Lines!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I picked up this thread rack at the local craft shop for as cheap as Winger world tour tickets...about 6bucks. Holds a shit ton of thread at my disposal and works like a charm. This tool organizer I made of an old kneeling stool from my mom's greenhouse, just needed a coat of paint some sanding and some drilled holes. That cost me nothin to make and have been using it for years. A block of styrafoam works great as well for organizing, you find those in the bigger appliance boxes. Remember be a scanvenger...Christmas is here and pick through the boxes and wrapping paper after the bomb hits, there is all sorts of goodies that can be used for tying!!!! Lets keep that crap outta the dumps and environment if we can. Just a few helpful tips if you want to use them. Tight Lines!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


This year is quickly coming to a close. 2010 is right around the corner! Alot to look forward to this year and some changes to be made anyone still do new year resolutions???? I love my family and am lucky to have a wonderful healthy little boy and a wonderful fiance by my side. I am lucky to have the friends I got which are few, but I tell you what i'd rather have 1 loyal friend than 20 shady fuckers by my side! Which brings me to Dave McFluffchucker, a true friend and life long friend I am sure. I had been following ole Dave's predator site as a wee pikepicker way back in the day. I have told Dave this many times and to prove this case I told him about all the old pics I remembered from his site and he laughs and says FECK I remember that it was old school buddy then continues to laugh. So to my bro Dave here here mate!!!!!!!!!
You ever have a passion for something so bad that it is on your mind all the time???? Mine well it's a no brainer. I tend to wake up out of my sleep at 3am with an idea need to write it down so I will remember it in the later morning! My fiance will tell me I talk to and about pike and tying in my sleep what a friggin nut job ehh? Maybe I guess. I do love to tie, tinker with this tie that, ohh that looks like an awesome pattern to modify and so on. In the spring and early summer I will load my boat with all my gear ahead of time just
so when I get home from work I can get to where I am going way wasting minutes man all I have to do is back up and hook up and go. This year i had the pleasure of using the fox predator elite. I know I have not said alot about this need to cause it speaks for itself. Dave and others from pffa highly praised this rod and it has been an absolute treat...

I am also liking the Redington rs4 9wt. I see good things with this rod. A friend of mine has the base model starter Redington and has landed king salmon and giant steelhead on it. It get tossed around dropped on the bank and still comes back for more...pretty tough rod for sure I think it is the crosswater model??? Anyway thinking I need to tinker at the vise again, tie up a pattern or two we will see to all the people following my blogg and all the chaps at PFFA I thank you! And to those tossers out there that only used you to get an extra buck in their pocket well I hope your happy rippin off people maybe you should reconsider your New Year resolutions. Tight Lines in 2010 be true to yourself and family and friends .......CHEERS MATES.....from good ole Vermont!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


This is a fly pattern that I have tinkering with. A knock off of Lefty's pattern. At 6iches long and a few twists to my liking I think this is going to be a good bet. 4/0-5/0 owner and mustads. A well stocked box of these and some pike water and whammo mister hold on to your hats!!! tight lines....

Redneck engineering....

This chap hit up the local dumpster and constructed this portable floating rig. Amazing things can happen after a 30 pack of swill, and a shit ton of duct tape and screws to work with. Hats off to you fella, though I think I will take my chances with a wooden row boat infested with termites......Tight Lines!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dr. Slick

Been tying with Dr. Slick tying tools for quite a while now. They offer some of the best tying tools around I think. Snips and bobbins and all sort of tying goodies to be found have a look for your self. I have a dozen different tying tools at arms reach in the cave at the caddy. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The "Mutt Dogg"

These are some patterns I have been playing around with as of late. Long schlappen feathers marabou and tinsel. I was looking to build a pattern with movement and less bulk...think I got it. These come in around 9-10 inches long and I believe in all honesty will be a big hit with the pike and maybe a musky. 5/0 mustad big game hooks and bead chain eyes. These patterns are also tied jointed style, a style I have become quite fond of. I threw them in the tub the other nite and all I can say is wow! They flare out and flash like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever! A mix of colors can be applied to meet your needs to what ever you feel like tying these are alot of fun and when you say chucking fluff this is for sure! Enjoy and tight lines!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Tie In....

Today's tie was Dave's pick. We talked about it and came up with the the use of wire christmas chenille. This stuff is pretty cheap at any crafts store or shopping center. I have done some chenille blondes, a pattern form the late Joe Brooks a flyfishing icon. I recon this pattern will mop up on bass and pike being the largest is 4iches give or take. I have fished the blondes on my local river with great success but had tied them in the past as the traditional blonde style. Some 5 minute epoxy, little flash some 3d eyes and some red thrown in for the gills. I did top a couple off with some peacock herl. Colors are tied in the best combos that I have found the fish to take a liking to. This is a great break from clouser minnow's and being that there is epoxy and wire the sink rate should be pretty good. Hopefully no predator will be able to resist will have to wait for spring to find out...enjoy our Tuesday tie in and keep watch for next weeks craziness...Tight Lines!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Natural History

Northern pike spawn immediately after the ice leaves the water in spring, typically when water temperature is around 40 F.
In South Dakota, northerns are the first gamefish to spawn, usually during late March or early April. Male northern pike
typically mature at age two, and females at age three. A single large female may produce up to 600,000 eggs. Northern pike
lay their eggs on submerged vegetation in shallow water in the bays of large lakes, or at the mouth of a tributary or creek.
They do not create a nest for the eggs, nor do they provide any care for the eggs once they are laid. The eggs adhere to the
vegetation and will hatch in less than two weeks. Most of the eggs will not hatch successfully, falling prey to fungus,
invertebrates, or other fishes. The newly hatched fish (or fry), which are about one-quarter of an inch (7 mm) in length, use
their attached yolk sac for food during the first 7 to 10 days, and later feed on zooplankton in the water. Between feedings,
they return to some vegetation, attaching to it via a sticky patch on their heads. Eventually, they begin to feed on small fishes
and their sticky patch will disappear. Young northerns, under ideal conditions, may reach 10 or 12 inches (25.4 - 30.5 cm) in
length by fall
"I posted this because I thought that the amount of eggs one female can lay are amazing. I know every place is different as far as how and when the spawn occurs but the amount one lays is an accurate average I think. Enjoy this bit info and Tight Lines...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Redington RS4


The RS4 was made to equip all levels of anglers with a quality rod suitable for a diverse array of applications. We've found the RS4 great for accommodating all day casting, yet powerful enough to cover a lot of water when you need to.

More RS4 Details:
  • Moss-colored blank made with high-end 51- million modulus Toray graphite
  • AAA grade Portuguese cork handle
  • Pac Bay Aluminum Oxide stripping guides
  • Laser engraved machined aluminum with moss colored graphite insert (Handle A) and laser engraved anodized machined aluminum on saltwater models (Handle B)
  • Alignment dots with length and line designations labeled on each section above ferrule
  • Three spey rod models are available with a 15" fore-grip
  • 2-piece and 4-piece outfits come with the new Moss RISE reel, prespooled with backing, knotless leader and RIO Mainstream fly line in a durable black carrying case.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • " I have this rod and I tell you what it is a cracking rod at that can't wait for spring throw some fluff with it"!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I really enjoy tying these. Done on mustad 5/0 hooks. Some slink-n-flash, flashabou combed in , 6 full marabou feathers and a long strands of pearl tinsel flash on top. Head has bead chain style finish. I have tied and had good success with this style in the past. Not a hard pattern to tie at all but one to have in your box. When I want to probe around or start casting new water, this is the style I reach for...little flashy work horse pattern not too elegant but there to do it's job...enjoy and tight lines!

Friday, December 11, 2009


One day if I am lucky enough I will find one of these. My bro Dave Lindsay has the bottom jaw of a nice pike he found while chucking fluff! Just looking at a pike skull gives you a sense of it's raw power and ability to take what it wants when it wants! I love it! As you can see on the top of the mouth all the little teeth angled backwards to help capture and swallow prey...bad ass I say! Tight Lines!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Nut job you may say, well everyone has a right to their own opinion . Who am I to sound and act like the best pike fly fisherman in the world! I am not and will never claim to be. I just enjoy what I do and share what I know. I can take advice and give it as well. Now the flies and patterns I post are developed over experience, I may not be able to throw every one pattern I tie in the water as soon as it comes off the vise. What I do and and stand by is the fact that I tie patterns that have pike catching qualities by past catches and time on the water with styles I tie. You love to tie pike flies and tie them with qualities that you know work then who cares if they haven't been in the water 1st shit it's why we tie!! Hence my theory and I know McFluff stands by me on this " I don't post any pike flies that I wouldn't eat myself 1st".......I know they will catch fish when they hit the water anyway! Tight Lines fellas!

Lefty on Circles........

Catch more fish and injure fewer of them.

Captain Dan Marini motored slowly out of Chatham, Massachusetts, toward some of his favorite striped bass waters. In the boat with me was Ed Jaworowski. Dan saw me rigging a circle-hook fly to the leader tippet. Very respectfully, Dan wondered if I should be using it, since he had hoped we would really do well with the bass. I quietly asked him if he would object if I used it and he politely agreed, but you could see the doubt he harbored. Thirty-two stripers later, he was convinced. Every one of the fish had been hooked in the outside edge of the mouth.

Circle hooks are certainly not new. Between 9,000 and 12,000 years ago, they were made from stone, whale teeth, bone, and shells. Long-line commercial fishermen were the first modern fishermen to use them. They increased the hook-up rate, and the fish, once hooked, simply didn’t get off. Commercial fishermen also found that circle hooks reduced gill- or gut-hook mortality, so most of the fish were alive after spending a night or longer hooked. Sport fishermen first used circle hooks for halibut; then tarpon bait fishermen found that they drastically increased hook-ups and landing.

Circle hooks are not J-hooks, which have a reduced curve. Fish are sometimes gill-hooked with a J-hook, but circle hooks almost always catch the fish in the side of the mouth. Because of the circle hook’s curve, a hooked fish has little chance of escaping unless the leader breaks.

To determine how well circle hooks work, I enlisted a number of fly fishers from New England, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, and several other areas to fish them over an 18-month period and report their findings. I also fished them in several foreign countries as well as across the United States. In all that fishing, I did not have a fish hooked deeply.

Circle hooks are not going to revolutionize fly fishing because J-hooks, for the most part, do a good job for a wide range of situations. Circle hooks do have a few specific benefits that more fly anglers should explore, and they may solve some problems encountered when fishing for certain species.

How a Circle Hook Works

The best way of understanding how a circle hook works is to take a #4/0 or #2/0 circle hook and tie a piece of heavy monofilament to it. Place the hook in your lightly clenched hand and gently pull the hook straight out. It comes out easily without hooking your hand.

If, while the hook is in your hand, you turn your hand (as a fish’s mouth would turn), the circle hook will catch the corner of your hand. (Debarb the hook before doing the experiment and be careful.)

A safer way of envisioning how a circle hook works is to hold a quarter upright between your thumb and first finger. Imagine that the fish has just taken the fly (represented by the coin that is standing on edge) and you yank on the coin. The coin will slide out of your fingers. But, if the thumb and first finger are forced toward each other (as would a fish’s jaws as they close on your fly), the coin (or fly) will turn sideways and catch a corner of the fish’s mouth as it is dragged out.

"top fly done by Dave Lindsay a top man on circle hooks!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Tie In........

1st off would like to note this pattern was originally tied by Cpt Dave Chouinard of New Jersey. On the phone this morning with my bro Dave "McFluffchucker" Lindsay over at "A Matter of Life Death and Fluffchucking"

We came up with an idea together. ...Tuesday tie in. Each week we decide on a predator pattern to tie discuss in detail and then run off to the vise to have a bash. This week we decided on doing a wide side. We both agreed that it could be tied up to predator proportions and away we went. anyway in my tying I found that the slink-n-flash was fun to use but with the reversed circle hook it called for was a little tricky for me. What I did find that bucktail was very easy for me to use. All in all I am very happy with the ties and very nifty pattern to have in the pike arsenal. Next week it is my bro Dave's turn to pick the pattern so keep your eyes peeled to see what we got cookin. This is a great way to really get you pumped for spring and kill some winter blues and spen some time with a good buddy for sure...winter here in the north country is long for sure and making shadow puppets on the wall just gets well...old. Tight lines and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cortland Pike Line....

Precision Big Fly - Pike Floating (90')

Designated to throw large, wind resistant pike flies like bunny leaches with ease. Big Fly utilizes Cortland's Rocket 2 taper with a dramatically shortened front taper to turn over large flies with ease. A color change from red to mint green indicates the maximum pick-up point for more efficient casting.

Sizes: WF 8 - 10
Type: Floating
Taper: Rocket 2
Color: Blood Red / Mint
Core: Nylon Braid " I use this line and for me it is the best"

Monday, December 7, 2009

Original "Jointed Bucktails"

This is a series of jointed bucktails I have been working on for a while now. After doing research on musky patterns and some detailed drawings in my note book I think it is perfected. I posted on my jointed bucktails back in early November. I like the action in the water and take a few special steps when tying these patterns that help the movement in the water. I also add large beads on the wire which helps with the great visual effect in the water. These are a great pattern to tie and let the tier be as creative as they want. I tie these in the 4/0-6/0 range and size varies from 6-8inches. I take great pride in the pike flies that I tie. I can't wait to toss these at pike and musky this spring...tight lines all!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Travel Rods.....

Found this nice web site dealing in custom travel rods. They have all the goods to pick through so you can build a custom rod of your choice if building one is not your idea of fun. The site is With weights 3-11 and lengths of 6.50-10ft and a break down range of 3-5pieces you should be able to find something to your liking! The thing the caught my eye was the fact that you can get your favorite fish lazer engraved in the reel seat......truly a one of a kind. Check it out for your self....the pike engraving is down right beautiful....tight lines!

more on Pike hooks....

I just picked up a 25 count box of Mustad Big game saltwater hooks-C70S-D 5/0. These are 2x strong ring eye hooks. They are beasts for sure. They are sharp as hell and don't think a barracuda could wreck these things...well at least I hope not. Any way they are a bit heavier than what I have been tying with but like the hook just the same. I think it is or will be a top pike hook...try for yourself and enjoy,....tight lines! "flash pattern Blanton style" 5/0 "

Saturday, December 5, 2009

a new look for ken capsey

well ive decided to give up on this fishing lark in the last few weeks ive sold all my fishing stuff and my boat and just scrapped together enough to get the plastic surgery to look like my all time hero KIP WINGER so here is my new look after the surgery hell im hot , but all the cash ive spent on looking like him has been worth it and i tell you you dont get much change outa 50 bucks to look this good
ive been following kip for ten years now and own every record he has 5 times over why 5 times well i play them so much i wear them out and id just die if i couldnt listen to kip all day every day .

so i hope you all like my new hot look and lets keep buying kip records it would be a terrible world without him

later folks

ken "kip" capsey

Tis the season......

Throw in your love of pike on the x-mas tree! I have some nice flyfishing ornaments that go on our tree but no pike yet. I think we should get some though! Found these along with all other things fly fishing on a google search and had loads of sites pop up. Check it out if it's your cup of tea! Tight lines.....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chain Pickerel....

When fly fishing pike in Vermont one can also hook up with chain pickerel at the same time. One being 5lbs is a true trophy. I landed a few good ones last spring my biggest being on a SUB BUG. An underrated fish I fish I feel that ESOX NIGER needs a little more respect. By far what they lack in size they make up for in attitude for sure. The best part about it , when you are chucking fluff, they will hit the big streamers as well I have stuck some on 7inch patterns! They do not miss a chance and fight like you stole from a pro boxer! I am lucky to have a few good spots to fish for them as well as pike some days are good some days well you know it's fishing....that's how it goes! Tight lines fellow fluffchuckers!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"fish head"

Patty with a nice south Florida everglades"oscar"
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5411003115490958802" />

A big welcome home to my big Sister Patty. She is what could say a trooper when it comes to fly fishing. She is basically one of those flyfisher's that well likes to catch whatever. She lives in what you could say "Largemouth bass and panfish central". Being that she and her soon to be husband live in Florida year around warm weather fishing is always an option "that sucks I know...too many choices"...should I fish this pond or that pond or I could go here or maybe fish low tide and go salwater..or maybe take a canoe and float a river...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! She is always bringing me home fly tying stuff and it's always some sort of new material that I have not tried or have wanted's like she can read my mind. I phoned her yesterday as she was on her way to Jacksonville for work and being the great sister she is stopped by the "Salty Feather" for some discount goodies for me...ohh did I mention she will be home on Friday? Lucky me!!!!! Any way A BIG THANK YOU to my sister for all the love and support through all the ups and downs I can't thank you enough and for the sweet spots you have around your house and carting my butt around at 5am to fish the local bucket holes and being a true friend. Congrats to you and your up coming wedding I love you! I will still be pulling my usual pranks though so be ware!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pike like frogs......

found this pretty sweet pic of a frog with no chance in hell. Pike like frogs if I was a pike shit....I'd be a lake terror and no hardware guys would catch me cause I'd bite the lures in half. All joking set aside this is a great pic and this shows no predator fish passes up a good meal, be it a mouse , bird , snake or lizard....enjoy!