Friday, December 4, 2009

Chain Pickerel....

When fly fishing pike in Vermont one can also hook up with chain pickerel at the same time. One being 5lbs is a true trophy. I landed a few good ones last spring my biggest being on a SUB BUG. An underrated fish I fish I feel that ESOX NIGER needs a little more respect. By far what they lack in size they make up for in attitude for sure. The best part about it , when you are chucking fluff, they will hit the big streamers as well I have stuck some on 7inch patterns! They do not miss a chance and fight like you stole from a pro boxer! I am lucky to have a few good spots to fish for them as well as pike some days are good some days well you know it's fishing....that's how it goes! Tight lines fellow fluffchuckers!!


  1. Ken,

    Pickeral are awesome - we used to catch them ice fishing in upstate NY when we used to live there....very underated indeed.

  2. ill be having some of them , if i dont capseys going swimming

  3. hehehehehehehehe....youll be beggin me for that special pickerel pattern.