Thursday, December 3, 2009

"fish head"

Patty with a nice south Florida everglades"oscar"
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A big welcome home to my big Sister Patty. She is what could say a trooper when it comes to fly fishing. She is basically one of those flyfisher's that well likes to catch whatever. She lives in what you could say "Largemouth bass and panfish central". Being that she and her soon to be husband live in Florida year around warm weather fishing is always an option "that sucks I know...too many choices"...should I fish this pond or that pond or I could go here or maybe fish low tide and go salwater..or maybe take a canoe and float a river...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! She is always bringing me home fly tying stuff and it's always some sort of new material that I have not tried or have wanted's like she can read my mind. I phoned her yesterday as she was on her way to Jacksonville for work and being the great sister she is stopped by the "Salty Feather" for some discount goodies for me...ohh did I mention she will be home on Friday? Lucky me!!!!! Any way A BIG THANK YOU to my sister for all the love and support through all the ups and downs I can't thank you enough and for the sweet spots you have around your house and carting my butt around at 5am to fish the local bucket holes and being a true friend. Congrats to you and your up coming wedding I love you! I will still be pulling my usual pranks though so be ware!!!!


  1. Next time you're here, have your sister take you to Bill Jackson's - they have loads of fly tying stuff!!!!!!!!!!