Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The "Mutt Dogg"

These are some patterns I have been playing around with as of late. Long schlappen feathers marabou and tinsel. I was looking to build a pattern with movement and less bulk...think I got it. These come in around 9-10 inches long and I believe in all honesty will be a big hit with the pike and maybe a musky. 5/0 mustad big game hooks and bead chain eyes. These patterns are also tied jointed style, a style I have become quite fond of. I threw them in the tub the other nite and all I can say is wow! They flare out and flash like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever! A mix of colors can be applied to meet your needs to what ever you feel like tying these are alot of fun and when you say chucking fluff this is for sure! Enjoy and tight lines!


  1. Bring those down with you - the snook and reds would dig them