Saturday, December 5, 2009

a new look for ken capsey

well ive decided to give up on this fishing lark in the last few weeks ive sold all my fishing stuff and my boat and just scrapped together enough to get the plastic surgery to look like my all time hero KIP WINGER so here is my new look after the surgery hell im hot , but all the cash ive spent on looking like him has been worth it and i tell you you dont get much change outa 50 bucks to look this good
ive been following kip for ten years now and own every record he has 5 times over why 5 times well i play them so much i wear them out and id just die if i couldnt listen to kip all day every day .

so i hope you all like my new hot look and lets keep buying kip records it would be a terrible world without him

later folks

ken "kip" capsey


  1. Good luck with your new look - that long hair would just get in the way of casting anyway :-)

  2. Good point fella...I will keep that in mind...If you get a chance..stop by McFluffchucker's and ask him for an autograph...hehehehe

  3. well at least its not as bad as when you used to wear your moms clothes

  4. Ken,

    You forget, McFluffchucker is erm....from "The North" as it were....LOL! I've been to his neck o the woods. i played at "The Garage" there in Edinburough or Glasgow me thinks....can't remember which because they drink these things called Snakebites there in the UK which is Stella and Strongbow. You'll be pissed as a newt in no time....everytime i go to the UK, i get pissed beyond belief....

  5. yea rob snakebites usually have blackcurrent in them as well we usually have half a dozen pints at home before we go out on the piss great warm up drink , the garage is in glasgow great venue its one of those places that the girls look better the more your drink

  6. First off, you can't take my nickname and secondly, I love you the way you are... he he he.