Monday, December 21, 2009


I picked up this thread rack at the local craft shop for as cheap as Winger world tour tickets...about 6bucks. Holds a shit ton of thread at my disposal and works like a charm. This tool organizer I made of an old kneeling stool from my mom's greenhouse, just needed a coat of paint some sanding and some drilled holes. That cost me nothin to make and have been using it for years. A block of styrafoam works great as well for organizing, you find those in the bigger appliance boxes. Remember be a scanvenger...Christmas is here and pick through the boxes and wrapping paper after the bomb hits, there is all sorts of goodies that can be used for tying!!!! Lets keep that crap outta the dumps and environment if we can. Just a few helpful tips if you want to use them. Tight Lines!


  1. Hi Ken,

    Nice Blog! Let me introduce ourselves: we're 4 guys from Holland who will participate in the pike fly fishing tournament that Simon Graham from Pike Fly Fishing Articles is organizing in Finland in may 2010. With this project in mind we started a blog about our preparations for the tournament and about (Dutch) pike fly fishing in general. Check it out on Since we're working on a list of links to put on our blog we thought it might be nice to exchange links, meaning we put your link on our blog and you put ours on yours. Tell me what you think.

    Cheers, tight lines and bleedy fingers,

    Henk-Jan ten Brinke
    The Dutch Four

  2. your most welcome fellas and am glad you enjoy my rants and ramblings...hit Dave Lindsay up as well as he is a top mate of mine you are more than welcome to post my link and thank you!