Sunday, December 20, 2009


This year is quickly coming to a close. 2010 is right around the corner! Alot to look forward to this year and some changes to be made anyone still do new year resolutions???? I love my family and am lucky to have a wonderful healthy little boy and a wonderful fiance by my side. I am lucky to have the friends I got which are few, but I tell you what i'd rather have 1 loyal friend than 20 shady fuckers by my side! Which brings me to Dave McFluffchucker, a true friend and life long friend I am sure. I had been following ole Dave's predator site as a wee pikepicker way back in the day. I have told Dave this many times and to prove this case I told him about all the old pics I remembered from his site and he laughs and says FECK I remember that it was old school buddy then continues to laugh. So to my bro Dave here here mate!!!!!!!!!
You ever have a passion for something so bad that it is on your mind all the time???? Mine well it's a no brainer. I tend to wake up out of my sleep at 3am with an idea need to write it down so I will remember it in the later morning! My fiance will tell me I talk to and about pike and tying in my sleep what a friggin nut job ehh? Maybe I guess. I do love to tie, tinker with this tie that, ohh that looks like an awesome pattern to modify and so on. In the spring and early summer I will load my boat with all my gear ahead of time just
so when I get home from work I can get to where I am going way wasting minutes man all I have to do is back up and hook up and go. This year i had the pleasure of using the fox predator elite. I know I have not said alot about this need to cause it speaks for itself. Dave and others from pffa highly praised this rod and it has been an absolute treat...

I am also liking the Redington rs4 9wt. I see good things with this rod. A friend of mine has the base model starter Redington and has landed king salmon and giant steelhead on it. It get tossed around dropped on the bank and still comes back for more...pretty tough rod for sure I think it is the crosswater model??? Anyway thinking I need to tinker at the vise again, tie up a pattern or two we will see to all the people following my blogg and all the chaps at PFFA I thank you! And to those tossers out there that only used you to get an extra buck in their pocket well I hope your happy rippin off people maybe you should reconsider your New Year resolutions. Tight Lines in 2010 be true to yourself and family and friends .......CHEERS MATES.....from good ole Vermont!

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