Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Nut job you may say, well everyone has a right to their own opinion . Who am I to sound and act like the best pike fly fisherman in the world! I am not and will never claim to be. I just enjoy what I do and share what I know. I can take advice and give it as well. Now the flies and patterns I post are developed over experience, I may not be able to throw every one pattern I tie in the water as soon as it comes off the vise. What I do and and stand by is the fact that I tie patterns that have pike catching qualities by past catches and time on the water with styles I tie. You love to tie pike flies and tie them with qualities that you know work then who cares if they haven't been in the water 1st shit it's why we tie!! Hence my theory and I know McFluff stands by me on this " I don't post any pike flies that I wouldn't eat myself 1st".......I know they will catch fish when they hit the water anyway! Tight Lines fellas!

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