Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Tie In........

1st off would like to note this pattern was originally tied by Cpt Dave Chouinard of New Jersey. On the phone this morning with my bro Dave "McFluffchucker" Lindsay over at "A Matter of Life Death and Fluffchucking"http://mcfluffchucker.blogspot.com

We came up with an idea together. ...Tuesday tie in. Each week we decide on a predator pattern to tie discuss in detail and then run off to the vise to have a bash. This week we decided on doing a wide side. We both agreed that it could be tied up to predator proportions and away we went. anyway in my tying I found that the slink-n-flash was fun to use but with the reversed circle hook it called for was a little tricky for me. What I did find that bucktail was very easy for me to use. All in all I am very happy with the ties and very nifty pattern to have in the pike arsenal. Next week it is my bro Dave's turn to pick the pattern so keep your eyes peeled to see what we got cookin. This is a great way to really get you pumped for spring and kill some winter blues and spen some time with a good buddy for sure...winter here in the north country is long for sure and making shadow puppets on the wall just gets well...old. Tight lines and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi, I'm using those upside down patterns for 5 or 6 years (in Poland), but I prepare hooks by my self (little bit of bending ;-)). And also prefer bucktail - sometimes it's only bucktail, sometimes patterns like lefty's deceiver (one of my favorite). Bucktail helps in keeping hook in upside down position. These flies are great for snaggy lakes (because of reverse), and never had problems with strikes or snaping off (some anglers don't trust such a solution). One minus - several times hook landed in fish eye...This must be... unpleasant.