Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Tie In....

Today's tie was Dave's pick.http://mcfluffchucker.blogspot.com We talked about it and came up with the the use of wire christmas chenille. This stuff is pretty cheap at any crafts store or shopping center. I have done some chenille blondes, a pattern form the late Joe Brooks a flyfishing icon. I recon this pattern will mop up on bass and pike being the largest is 4iches give or take. I have fished the blondes on my local river with great success but had tied them in the past as the traditional blonde style. Some 5 minute epoxy, little flash some 3d eyes and some red thrown in for the gills. I did top a couple off with some peacock herl. Colors are tied in the best combos that I have found the fish to take a liking to. This is a great break from clouser minnow's and being that there is epoxy and wire the sink rate should be pretty good. Hopefully no predator will be able to resist will have to wait for spring to find out...enjoy our Tuesday tie in and keep watch for next weeks craziness...Tight Lines!

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