Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Stuff

Great window decals for salty guys and pike men alike. Amazing art work!!!!'s snowing again and cold....congrats to all of you who can chase pike on the fly right now I am jealous. Good luck to my Bro Dave and Anthony as they trek to a find some willing pike!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Can your Grammy do this...mine kick's ass. When it's high noon at gram's house pull a chair up bring your drinkin game cause you aint leavin till yer crawlin....bottoms up!!!!! "yes gram looks like Mrs Doubtfire but she'll still kick yer ass!!!!"

pike Ink

He is another great tattoo. Though myself I would like it in pike form but hey, to each there own. Great ink to say the least!!!! Cheers!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kickin it at the "PIKE RANCH"

Got to love Vermont weather, pouring rain one day, snow storm the next, 70 degrees in January then -3 the next I could go on...but I won't. I did take advantage of a good strong wind yesterday and got out to the beach in the yard for a few casts. The Rs4 9wt pounded into the wind flawlessly. Yes the cars going by did stop and ask me if I was catching do you answer a smart ass???? Play their game and say yep just released another one, or hold up the trophy "tree pounder you just caught, as they scratch their head you know you've won that round. Whats an nutty pike guy to do, locked in so much ice. Stoke the fire tie lots of pike flies..tease the cats into fighting with each other, drink some brews tie a few more flies troll the net in search of useless crap"it's actually fun to see the weirdest shit you can find". Run to the mailbox in record speed barefoot is also a fun game "though I don't recommend it" yes in the the snow no wussin out!!! As my feet have healed from the operation I had in November I am back to work Monday. Good thing cause one more week of being at home and waking up my fiance with the sounds of a pounding hair stacker and the radio would be the end of me. Cheers all of you who visit and enjoy my blog.....from one flyfishing nut to another tight lines!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blue Spot.........

Blue Spot Disease of Northern Pike Esox lucius Volume 3, Issue 5
April 2001
Updated November 2002

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife logo

Picture of Esox lucius white epidermal lesions on northern pike.Illegally introduced populations of northern pike in the Belgrade Lakes region of Maine have been caught during the spring spawning season and found to be covered with pale bluish-white, granular skin lesions 3-10 mm in diameter and 0.25 mm thick. These spots occur mostly over the dorsal skin and fins of spawning age (>2 years old) adult fish.

This condition was first described in 1983 by Yamamoto in northern pike in several waters of central Canada. The cause of these white-blue spots is esocid herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1). The prevalence of EHV-1 in central Canada was 1-7% of the northern pike population. Margenau 1995 reported the disease in both northern pike and muskellunge Esox masquinongy in Wisconsin. The prevalence in Wisconsin was as high as 34%.

Picture of light microscopy of epidermal section of northern pike.
Fig. 2. Light microscopy of an epidermal section from northern pike, showing numerous hypertrophied cells (arrows) interspersed in normal tissue.

The blue spots appear during the spring spawning season as water temperatures increase between 2° and 13°C. The lesions then disappear when water temperature increases above 14°C. The etiology of the virus is not known. The prevalence of the blue spot lesions differs among lakes, and is reported generally higher in female northern pike. It is hypothesized that EHV-1 may cause more severe morbidity and mortality in young pike and muskellunge, although this has not yet been proven. The observable blue skin spots appear to be less prevalent on older fish, however, these affected fish may remain lifelong carriers of EHV-1, similar to channel catfish herpesvirus that infects channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus.

EHV-1 is likely very contagious amongst northern pike populations. Individuals fishing for northern pike should disinfect angling equipment and personal gear between waters.

Special points of interest:


Fish with EHV-1 cannot transmit the disease to people.


EHV-1 is caused by a herpesvirus.


For more information read: Margenau et al. 1995. Blue spot disease in Wisconsin Esocids. J. of Aquatic Animal Health 7:29-33

Images were made possible, in part, by a grant from the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund.

****Here is a photo of the first documented case of Bluespot in Vermont. This fish was caught on 03-25-03 in Lake Champlain.****

I have yet to see any of this myself. If anyone has feel free to contact me and let me know where and when lines.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This weeks pick was Dave's turn. He had the great idea of turning some of our 1st flies used or say our "favorite" flies used for trout when we started into the world of fly fishing. I remember my 1st trout was on a pretty bad looking woolly bugger I tied. That kicked the obsession at 15 years old. Then when I caught my 1st pike on the fly well lets just say there ain't no comparison "sorry trout bums". Any way my take this week was a amped up version of that old woolly bugger for snotrockets. Tied on4/0-5/0 orvis hooks. I do feel confident of this pattern catching a pike or 2. I kept the basic woolly bugger principals with a pike twist and they are 8 inches long and weigh next to nothing. They have 9 long full length feathers including the large feather to wrap the body. This is a great pattern for all 1st time pike tiers to have a go at, materials you should have readily available at the bench, To see what Dave has up his sleeve take a venture over to
Tight lines and enjoy this weeks tie off....cheers fluffchuckers!!!!


Check back in later this afternoon....... "Dave and I have a good one cooked up"....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Stuff!

Just ordered some 3d eyes from Rich over at
He ties pike and saltwater patterns and has some top stuff for sale. Dave Lindsay has been raving about Rich's 3d eyes so I needed some. Rich put together an assortment for me and was great person to deal with...cheers Rich! Visit his site via the link above and have a look!

Go play in the sink....

I try to or should I say do put my flies in water to see what shape and profile they will make. I do this with patterns I tend to tweak a bit. Playing in the sink when you have no opportunity to get to open water will work just fine. This is a great way to see how the pattern looks in the water and the profile it makes when compressed. The pictures I took last nite were tweaked deceiver style patterns like my buddy Dave does over at his page. I really like the aspect of topping the pattern off with feathers. This has alot of flare and wave in the water which I think will add to it's pike catching ability. Tied on 3/0 mustad hooks and 6inches long. Mix and match colors tie and have fun, you may just find your go to pattern playing in the sink.....and it may just earn you some brownie points with the MRS...?????? Tight Lines!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Bang for the buck!!

Lamson Konic Fly Reel

When designing the Konic, Lamson started with one given: to incorporate the same fully sealed conical drag system and stainless steel roller clutch used in their high-end reels. The drag system in Konic uses the same fully machined parts, made of the same materials, and to the same specifications, as the drag used in the $400+ Waterworks reels or any of their other high-end reels. This is the principal benefit of the Konic versus competitive reels. What other $100+ reel can say that it shares proven drag technology with a $400+ reel?

In order to deliver this expensive drag in a low-priced reel they are die casting the frame and spool. But this is no low-end die casting. This is Pressure Casting with molten ALDC12 aluminum alloy injected at 1,080 kgs pressure to ensure consistent, smooth and strong parts with lower porosity. Contrast this method with the Gravity Casting used by competitors. Their frame and spool are solid single-part pieces. Again, contrast this with 2-part cast spools that the competition uses. Once cast, the frame and spool are "skim cut" on CNC machines, a process in which a thin surface layer is cut away to provide a finish comparable to a fully-machined reel.

They use a 100% solid polyurethane coating to provide a finish that is very resistant to gouging and abrasion. Contrast this to the weaker electrostatic paints that competitive reels use.

The Konic is a lightweight, true large arbor reel. It's strong, good looking, well put-together and frugal.
"The #4 9-10wt is on order with rio pike and musky............sweet" Tight Lines!

Friday, January 22, 2010

be nice to your feet

Your feet need some sweet comfort. This is the boot of choice for me. I have had 4 pairs of Merrell hiking boots and they are all still kicking. Tromping around in the muck, snow and fishing these shoes are right at home. I have crossed streams and put out campfires and have had no loss of comfort at all. If your looking for that hiking boot check out
I am going to Scotland in July and will be hiking some of Dave's top pike spots and you can bet your paycheck these will be on my feet. Tight Lines!!

KC's Baitfish

Dave Lindsay said I needed to give these patterns a name since he says they are worthy. Cheers Bro!! Instead of diggin around for a name I gave it my initials....."yawn" I know. McFluff will be heading out on a pike recon mission soon to get the winter blues kicked so he wanted these posted up, as he wants to tie some to bring with him. I am anxious to see the results with his pike. I am locked in ice at the moment with lots of pike patterns being tied.....soon the warm spring will be here and the pike to follow in the shallows...sweet!!! Tight Lines Fluffchuckers!! "FLY-FLINGERS"!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pike Art

More Pike art enjoy fluffchuckers!!!!

treble hooks suck......really

........yeah, many lessons to be learned here. I guess the last thing this chap needs is to be told... could have, should have and would have. Well this is why I wear sun glasses....don't like to you say, well have a look with your one good eye then. And yes treble hooks do suck......really.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Tie Off

My turn this week to pick the pattern or material. I hit my bro Dave up over at on some Blanton's whistler's. A great cross over pattern for pike! My patterns were 4/0 mustads which I am almost out of and one smaller version if the occasion arose that I needed a smaller pattern. Use those dry fly feathers as they are a great addition to pike patterns. I love them, tie them and fishem!!!! I have patterns that I rely on and am sure you have your go to as well. Be sure to head over and visit Dave via the link above or the handful of other ways to on my page...cheers and enjoy fluffchuckers!!!!


This was in today's (Sat Jan 16) Burlington Free Press:

Free Press Staff Report

FRANKLIN -- North Hero anglers Mike Murdock and Dave St. Hilaire headed to Lake Carmi on New Year's Day hoping to land a few nice walleye, but in the process they discovered something that state fisheries biologists say raises concerns about illegal fish movements in Vermont.

"I was jigging and caught a nice 16-inch walleye," Murdock recounted to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. "I tossed it on the ice and saw it spit it up a small minnow."

The angler didn't give it much thought until his fishing partner came over, glanced at the minnow and exclaimed, "Where did you get that!? That's an alewife."

The anglers called Vermont State Game Warden Curtis Smiley who told them to take the suspected alewife to a biologist for confirmation. Fish and Wildlife Department fisheries biologists Brian Chipman and Bernie Pientka confirmed the anglers' identification of the fish.

"We don't know how this alewife got into Lake Carmi," Chipman said, "but one way or another, someone broke Vermont's baitfish laws." Chipman added that it's possible an angler illegally moved baitfish from another lake without knowing that alewives were in the bait bucket, or purposely caught alewives from another lake and illegally released them in Carmi in hopes of establishing a population there.

"The detection of a single alewife does not necessarily mean that alewives will take hold in Lake Carmi," Chipman said. "We'll be watching Carmi closely during our fish surveys in the coming year to see if we find any evidence of an established alewife population. In the meantime, if any Lake Carmi anglers find what they believe to be more alewives, they can help by contacting us immediately, just like Mike and Dave did."

" This is a case of everyone needing to be responsible not only bait guys but as well as things we trailer on our boats" Not to sure of the impact of this but it is yet another baitfish for Carmi fish to prey on. I love Lake Carmi as it is right by my house and to think that something could possibly threaten or alter the cycle kinda pisses me off! Not pointing fingers but am telling people to pay attention to what impact they may be leaving when they are out on Carmi.....bottom pic is an alewife.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Orvis Pike and Musky

Just a quick note on these hooks. I love to tie on them. You can get these 2/0-6/0 and not sure if you can get bigger? I have found that the 2/0 3/0 are a real good deceiver hook and bunny bug hook as well. Dave McFluffchucker over at his blog loves these hooks and I mean loves them...he puts out some nice pike snacks on them so be sure to look him up and check out the patterns. Here id the link to the orvis site so you can look for yourself.....tight lines!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something I think we will all find very interesting and informative...enjoy and tight lines! Pike madness to follow this week "Tuesday Tie Off" and other craziness!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Been playing around with these lately. You can get as creative with these guys as you want. A great striper pattern from Dan Blanton which catches pike as well. Saltwater patterns are great crossover patterns for pike. We all know this but when you start looking to add books to your library..throw in some salty stuff. One book that has TONS of ideas and one of my favorites is by Deke Meyers "700 of the best saltwater patterns"

Hardy and Greys rod test

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dog eat Dog

Here are some great underwater shots of pike. The picture above, a pike eating another eat dog! Visit for some great shots. I really enjoyed looking through the images very good stuff indeed! Tight Lines!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Danville Flymaster Plus

I have been using this thread for years and have no complaints. I do mostly use mono thread but some of my flies I like the colored heads...I am a little fussy like that. The fly master plus lets you put some torque down on those pike flies so your flies turn out rock solid and with the gluing and and epoxy it would give superman a hernia just to pull them apart. You may have your favorite threads to use and these are mine. I like to use 3/0 at times as well. Check out Danville's web site and have a look around who knows you might find something new you like! Tight Lines !!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Tie Off

Welcome to another fabulous Tuesday tie with Dave Lindsay and I. Dave's pick this week was crease patterns for pike....well all of our tying is for pike, big and small with a little sub species thrown in. To kick off the morning I phoned ole Fluff man this morning while on my annual coffee grinding session. Talked about this and that as usual and then finished off with the tie in final details. My patterns were done on 2/0 orvis pike and musky to 5/0 hooks. I really like this tie. I 1st started out with Blado's crease pattern. Then the last 2 I decided or remembered a previous conversation with Dave about he and I don't have the hang of them stupid gummy baitfish patterns. So here it is maybe not as good but my version with that nightmare loco foam. Super hair and tinsel flash and my favorite"5 MINUTE EPOXY". The foam I picked up from the local craft store which is brilliant stuff in itself and is as cheap as dirt. So here you have it a "Dummy Minnow" as I could call it, pretty easy and straight forward..just save some room on the head of the pattern to crmp the foam to a round shape and your off. Take a peek over at" A matter of Life Death and Fluffchucking" and see what Dave has in store. Tight lines!!

stay tuned......

Tuesday tie in is upon us again....keep your eyes peeled later this afternoon! Cheers and tight lines from Dave "mad man" Lindsay and I!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

pike art

visit beautiful art work by Gil Menzies. I found this trolling the net and thought it was absolutely stunning!! Enjoy and I do believe this work is for sale. Tight Lines!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Lightning McQueen's"

More big bucktails from the vise. These have been tested in tub. The profile when wet is really nice the heads flare up and the tail shimmers real well. My son named these after his favorite race car " Lightning McQueen" so I guess that's the sticker. He thought of it all by himself and am sure they will pull through the water fast so there you have it. Simple design the crystal chenille behind the bucktail helps make for a more broader profile. Tied on 5/0 Owner as all hell too. I did some up on all grey , more orange and the ever favorite chartreuse. Packed in the Finsport wallets I can't wait to get these after some pike in the spring....I had a friend on facebook ask me the other day if I was going ice fishing...He asked me are you ready to go? I responded by saying well I am ready for the ice to melt fella...I have not heard back from him....hmmmm.. Tight Lines, "PikePicker"

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Funny.....

Well it's going to get to ya sooner or later...cabin fever better make the most of it I say!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

streamer storage

Bucktails are not what you would say an easy pattern to store right into a fly box. Dave loves vhs boxes and I have a few myself works great for storing those big patterns. With a little research I also found that the hardware guys have storage for their spinner bait collection. Bass Pro Shops They have tons of the wallets needed to store those big pike flies we love to tie. Browning's model comes in around 20 bucks with replacement bags for around 7bucks. It's worth looking into, comes in a ring binder and and a cordura case...very sweet! Another great storage solution and is no big secret are the fin sport wallets. I plan to pick up a few of the large boys just for sub bugs and bucktails. Bear's Den has the goods but if you like to shop somewhere else that has these then by all means deal with them I wanted to just give some helpful hints because I know I like tips and stuff myself. If you need further info on Fin sport fly wallets hit McFluffchucker up over at My bro Dave has more of those things than fire ants on chocolate cake. Hope this helps..tight lines , good tying and fluffchucking!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

good flick...

This is a good flick of Canada pike on the fly. I am sure you have seen it but it's worth a watch again and again...enjoy!

Monday, January 4, 2010


June 05, 2009

Northern Pike Age and Growth Data Will Help in Managing the Species

WATERBURY, VT -- Did you ever wonder how old that northern pike was you caught? How old was that 21-inch pike your child caught this year ice fishing? How about the 30-inch 8-lber you brought home for supper? How old was that monster 41-inch, 24-lb pike you saw in the winning spot at the local derby this past winter?

Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department fisheries biologists also want to know the answers to these questions. The department has been collecting biological data to learn more about northern pike age and growth rates in Vermont.

Some anglers may not think much about how fast or slow fish grow, or how old a big fish is. But, fisheries biologists are very interested in this information because age, length, size at maturity, and growth rate data provide the basic information necessary to understand and manage fish populations. With these data, biologists are able to evaluate the health and status of a fish population, make decisions on how to best manage a species, and then recommend actions such as setting new creel or length limits that will change the abundance or age structure of a population in order to improve the quality of fishing opportunities.

So how do biologists figure out how old a northern pike is, and how much it grows each year? By removing a bone called the “cleithrum,” located between the gills and pectoral fin of the fish, a biologist can determine the age of the fish in years by counting the number of growth bands or rings on. This is just like counting the rings you see on a tree stump.

Figuring out whether pike are growing fast or slow is fairly easy. Determining how much they grow each year (inches per year) is a little more technical and difficult, but it is still pretty straight-forward. Cleithrum bones from northern pike and muskie are almost exactly 1/10th the length of the fish. For example, the cleithrum from a 35-inch pike will measure 3.5-inches in length. Knowing this, a biologist can take measurements along the cleithrum, from the point of origin to each spot where an age-ring crosses the length of the bone and determine how long the fish was at each age during its life.

How does this help us in managing pike? By determining the age structure and growth rates of Vermont’s pike populations, fisheries biologists can determine what the "minimum ultimate size" is for any of Vermont’s pike populations. This is the length we would expect 99 of the pike to reach if nobody was fishing for them. The estimation of “minimum ultimate size” allows biologists to assess the trophy potential of a pike population by determining whether or not a pike population could grow larger fish than are currently in the population.

The growth data collected from the ongoing northern pike study, combined with creel survey data, which provide a measure of total harvest and harvest rates, will provide the information needed to determine if there are opportunities to develop fisheries for trophy size northern pike.

Northern pike populations in some Vermont waters may be able to be managed so there are more big fish available to anglers.

State fisheries biologists are conducting a survey on northern pike fishing regulations to determine what anglers’ opinions are on current regulations and potential regulation changes. The biologists also want to know what anglers want for northern pike fishing opportunities.

Here’s how you can help. If you are going to keep a northern pike to eat, please remove the cleithrum and send it to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department so the fish can be aged. This is easy to do, and it only takes a minute or two. The department website includes instructions and forms at\pike.cfm. A cleithrum from each fish should be put in a plastic bag and packaged with the date and location of the catch, the length of the fish, and the weight of the fish if possible

Sunday, January 3, 2010

sage xi3

A rod that I would love to own one day! Dave has the xi2 and is going to let me fish it when he comes over.I have the largemouth series that throws a 400grain line at 7ft11in it tosses a bass bug with pin point accuracy on lilly pads or up to brush piles. Sage also claims it is a good pike and musky rod. I have not tried. Anyway check out the sage site and drool your ass off over some kick ass pike rods! Tight lines!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Yak hair is awesome stuff! When you mix bucktail and yak good things happen. Mixxed to about any color combo you could think of makes for some pretty creative ideas. These are 7inches but you can go way bigger. Tinsel flashabou on 5/o orvis pike and musky hooks makes this a great base to build on. I did an Irish version and a red and white daredevil scheme. I just love tying with bucktail and now I think yak is right up there on the list. Will be doing as per Dave with yak tail sub bugs so keep you pike eyes peeled flingers!!! Tight Lines!