Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This was in today's (Sat Jan 16) Burlington Free Press:

Free Press Staff Report

FRANKLIN -- North Hero anglers Mike Murdock and Dave St. Hilaire headed to Lake Carmi on New Year's Day hoping to land a few nice walleye, but in the process they discovered something that state fisheries biologists say raises concerns about illegal fish movements in Vermont.

"I was jigging and caught a nice 16-inch walleye," Murdock recounted to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. "I tossed it on the ice and saw it spit it up a small minnow."

The angler didn't give it much thought until his fishing partner came over, glanced at the minnow and exclaimed, "Where did you get that!? That's an alewife."

The anglers called Vermont State Game Warden Curtis Smiley who told them to take the suspected alewife to a biologist for confirmation. Fish and Wildlife Department fisheries biologists Brian Chipman and Bernie Pientka confirmed the anglers' identification of the fish.

"We don't know how this alewife got into Lake Carmi," Chipman said, "but one way or another, someone broke Vermont's baitfish laws." Chipman added that it's possible an angler illegally moved baitfish from another lake without knowing that alewives were in the bait bucket, or purposely caught alewives from another lake and illegally released them in Carmi in hopes of establishing a population there.

"The detection of a single alewife does not necessarily mean that alewives will take hold in Lake Carmi," Chipman said. "We'll be watching Carmi closely during our fish surveys in the coming year to see if we find any evidence of an established alewife population. In the meantime, if any Lake Carmi anglers find what they believe to be more alewives, they can help by contacting us immediately, just like Mike and Dave did."

" This is a case of everyone needing to be responsible not only bait guys but as well as things we trailer on our boats" Not to sure of the impact of this but it is yet another baitfish for Carmi fish to prey on. I love Lake Carmi as it is right by my house and to think that something could possibly threaten or alter the cycle kinda pisses me off! Not pointing fingers but am telling people to pay attention to what impact they may be leaving when they are out on Carmi.....bottom pic is an alewife.

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  1. Although I don't fish Carmi much, I was quite disappointed to hear it has been invaded by this "invasive".
    I'm sure it will change the lake, forever.