Monday, January 25, 2010

Go play in the sink....

I try to or should I say do put my flies in water to see what shape and profile they will make. I do this with patterns I tend to tweak a bit. Playing in the sink when you have no opportunity to get to open water will work just fine. This is a great way to see how the pattern looks in the water and the profile it makes when compressed. The pictures I took last nite were tweaked deceiver style patterns like my buddy Dave does over at his page. I really like the aspect of topping the pattern off with feathers. This has alot of flare and wave in the water which I think will add to it's pike catching ability. Tied on 3/0 mustad hooks and 6inches long. Mix and match colors tie and have fun, you may just find your go to pattern playing in the sink.....and it may just earn you some brownie points with the MRS...?????? Tight Lines!


  1. Love the profile of that orange one Ken. Those long hackles give it a totally different look when in the water.


  2. great pictures and interesting read nice