Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Bang for the buck!!

Lamson Konic Fly Reel

When designing the Konic, Lamson started with one given: to incorporate the same fully sealed conical drag system and stainless steel roller clutch used in their high-end reels. The drag system in Konic uses the same fully machined parts, made of the same materials, and to the same specifications, as the drag used in the $400+ Waterworks reels or any of their other high-end reels. This is the principal benefit of the Konic versus competitive reels. What other $100+ reel can say that it shares proven drag technology with a $400+ reel?

In order to deliver this expensive drag in a low-priced reel they are die casting the frame and spool. But this is no low-end die casting. This is Pressure Casting with molten ALDC12 aluminum alloy injected at 1,080 kgs pressure to ensure consistent, smooth and strong parts with lower porosity. Contrast this method with the Gravity Casting used by competitors. Their frame and spool are solid single-part pieces. Again, contrast this with 2-part cast spools that the competition uses. Once cast, the frame and spool are "skim cut" on CNC machines, a process in which a thin surface layer is cut away to provide a finish comparable to a fully-machined reel.

They use a 100% solid polyurethane coating to provide a finish that is very resistant to gouging and abrasion. Contrast this to the weaker electrostatic paints that competitive reels use.

The Konic is a lightweight, true large arbor reel. It's strong, good looking, well put-together and frugal.
"The #4 9-10wt is on order with rio pike and musky............sweet" Tight Lines!

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