Thursday, January 7, 2010

streamer storage

Bucktails are not what you would say an easy pattern to store right into a fly box. Dave loves vhs boxes and I have a few myself works great for storing those big patterns. With a little research I also found that the hardware guys have storage for their spinner bait collection. Bass Pro Shops They have tons of the wallets needed to store those big pike flies we love to tie. Browning's model comes in around 20 bucks with replacement bags for around 7bucks. It's worth looking into, comes in a ring binder and and a cordura case...very sweet! Another great storage solution and is no big secret are the fin sport wallets. I plan to pick up a few of the large boys just for sub bugs and bucktails. Bear's Den has the goods but if you like to shop somewhere else that has these then by all means deal with them I wanted to just give some helpful hints because I know I like tips and stuff myself. If you need further info on Fin sport fly wallets hit McFluffchucker up over at My bro Dave has more of those things than fire ants on chocolate cake. Hope this helps..tight lines , good tying and fluffchucking!!!

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