Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Tie Off

Welcome to another fabulous Tuesday tie with Dave Lindsayhttp://mcfluffchucker.blogspot.com and I. Dave's pick this week was crease patterns for pike....well all of our tying is for pike, big and small with a little sub species thrown in. To kick off the morning I phoned ole Fluff man this morning while on my annual coffee grinding session. Talked about this and that as usual and then finished off with the tie in final details. My patterns were done on 2/0 orvis pike and musky to 5/0 hooks. I really like this tie. I 1st started out with Blado's crease pattern. Then the last 2 I decided or remembered a previous conversation with Dave about he and I don't have the hang of them stupid gummy baitfish patterns. So here it is maybe not as good but my version with that nightmare loco foam. Super hair and tinsel flash and my favorite"5 MINUTE EPOXY". The foam I picked up from the local craft store which is brilliant stuff in itself and is as cheap as dirt. So here you have it a "Dummy Minnow" as I could call it, pretty easy and straight forward..just save some room on the head of the pattern to crmp the foam to a round shape and your off. Take a peek over at" A matter of Life Death and Fluffchucking" and see what Dave has in store. Tight lines!!

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