Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This weeks pick was Dave's turn. He had the great idea of turning some of our 1st flies used or say our "favorite" flies used for trout when we started into the world of fly fishing. I remember my 1st trout was on a pretty bad looking woolly bugger I tied. That kicked the obsession at 15 years old. Then when I caught my 1st pike on the fly well lets just say there ain't no comparison "sorry trout bums". Any way my take this week was a amped up version of that old woolly bugger for snotrockets. Tied on4/0-5/0 orvis hooks. I do feel confident of this pattern catching a pike or 2. I kept the basic woolly bugger principals with a pike twist and they are 8 inches long and weigh next to nothing. They have 9 long full length feathers including the large feather to wrap the body. This is a great pattern for all 1st time pike tiers to have a go at, materials you should have readily available at the bench, To see what Dave has up his sleeve take a venture over to http://mcfluffchucker.blogspot.com
Tight lines and enjoy this weeks tie off....cheers fluffchuckers!!!!

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  1. Real nice Ken...:o) I love the orange/red one!!