Saturday, February 20, 2010

From a brother!

Well a long awaited parcel came from my brother Dave over at "A Matter Of Life, Death and Fluffchucking". Well we were both up in the air as to where it was as he had sent it over with Christopher Columbus when he arrived to America. Anyway as I have been sick with this stomach bug head cold thing that every fecker seems to have my fiance says....Dave's parcel arrived today. Take note I got out of bed at 2pm in the afternoon still trying to figure out what the hell day it was. Well what parcel would not be complete with a Braveheart DVD and some thrash metal and all other goodies from a brother in Scotland. As I opened the box, well my eyes tell the story....goodies galore and candy!!!cheers if I can only fit a whole woodchuck in the mail you got one coming!!!!

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