Sunday, February 14, 2010


Took off for the weekend with my fiance and had some great down time. Got a fresh tattoo had some great drinks and awesome food! With my camera at my side I was able to get some good photos for up coming adventures this spring for pike. This being on the N.Y side of things. I will be picking up N.Y license to hit the water soon as I was able to find some open water with some possibilities. If all else fails getting some patterns in the water will be as rewarding. Here are a few pics of Champlain and of Fort Blunder....This fort was built in 1844 and has never seen war action, long story but very interesting non the less. Fingers crossed for pike this week and temps in the upper 30's!!!! Tight lines fluffchuckers!!!

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  1. with you standing next to that river sign it should be ra named "crazy river" catch you later on buddy