Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiemco 600 SP......damn right!

The hook I have been tying my bunny patterns with and a host of superhair bait fish. Pricey -YES feckin sharp oh hell yeah! Now I know I am not the guy to preach buy, buy, buy, but if you happen to have a few extra bucks kickin around in your pocket and you just so happen to stroll into the local fly shop and want to get a good predator fly hook...well give these girls a go. I have caught plenty of pike on these hooks and they stick and stick hard. Short shank wide gap which I have found work great on bunny patterns. Here is a link and, yes I do like the hook so much I had it drilled in my arm! CHEERS FLUFFCHUCKERS!!!


  1. Personally, i like the Owners because they have a bit more umpf to them...but there's a difference between tarpon and pike....

  2. Rob, can I have the model # you use for owners. I will be willing to give them a go...cheers buddy!